Deglobalisation, broadly defined as a reduction in the interconnectedness and interdependence of countries through trade, investment, and other forms of international cooperation, can have both positive and negative impacts on innovation. The effects depend on the specific context, policies, and the extent of the deglobalisation itself. Here are some potential impacts: Positive Impacts on Innovation […]

Immigration can have a significant impact on a country’s innovation strength, both positive and negative. The impact largely depends on the policies, circumstances, and characteristics of the host country and the immigrants themselves. Here are some of the key ways in which immigration can influence a country’s innovation capacity: Diverse Talent Pool: Immigration can bring […]

Join the BlueCallom Team at the Swiss Innovation Forum 2023 On the brisk morning of November 30th, Basel will not just awaken to the usual calm of the Rhine’s flow or the distant Jura Mountains’ silhouette. It will stir the pulse of innovation at the Swiss Innovation Forum exhibition with BlueCallom stepping beyond the bounds […]

The term “Bio Revolution” typically refers to a significant and transformative shift in agriculture and food production, driven by innovations in biological science and biotechnology. It encompasses a range of developments that aim to improve crop yields, increase the efficiency of food production, and address various challenges in agriculture and the food industry. The importance […]

Identifying and keeping up with innovation trends is of paramount importance for individuals, businesses, and organisations for several reasons: Competitive Advantage: Staying informed about innovation trends allows businesses to gain a competitive edge. They can proactively develop and implement new strategies, products, or services before their competitors, giving them a first-mover advantage. Market Relevance: Understanding […]

In 2019, I was asked on Quora, “What are some jobs that will disappear in the next 20 years due to automation & artificial intelligence?” On and off we discussed that question and I still get alerts when this answer has been shared. Then we decided to make Jobs gone by 2040 a project. It is […]

In a world that’s rapidly advancing, where the intersection of technology and business continuously redefines industries, it’s imperative for corporate leaders to stay informed and adept. For those at the helm of management in large companies and for AI technologists, understanding the nuances of Innovation, Transformation, and Automation is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. […]

Human Intelligence Augmentation (HIA): The Future of Human-Machine Collaboration The Dawn of HIA In 1961, Douglas Engelbart introduced the world to Human Intelligence Augmentation (HIA). Instead of technology replacing humans, Engelbart envisioned a symbiotic relationship, where machines would amplify our capabilities. While the technology of the time couldn’t fully realize this vision, today, we stand on […]

World Innovations Forum Foundation is collaborating with BlueCallom on Large-Scale Innovation concepts. Building Concept Innovations are typically Level 4 or 5 innovations, introducing massive advancements to humanity. Some examples include Geo-Thermal Energy Plants that should be able to serve energy on the petawatt level. Enough to produce electricity for the whole world. Or new container […]

Genuine Innovation Examples We analyzed innovative companies and focused on identifying the “Disruptive Moment.” We asked ourselves if it would be possible to achieve similar results through improvements (incremental innovation). We picked Genuine Innovation Examples across different industries, such as Furniture, transportation services, Automotive, satellite communication, financial services, hospitality, and innovation management. To put it […]

Terms like incremental innovation, gradual innovation, or architectural innovation have been coined and used to look like being innovative. Turns out, using those terms is the worst decision one can make. Companies need to be actively improving their existing products and services. AND in today’s time and age, companies need to decide if they want […]

The World Innovations Forum continues to evolve and is getting closer to its foundation’s purpose. Beginning with 2021, we no longer focus only on specific demographics, geographies, or other groups. Togetherness is our philosophy in so many aspects even in competing for the best Innovation – see at the bottom of this post. Developed Countries […]

1598Neuro Innovation – How ideas get created Neuroscience had the single biggest impact on our modern understanding of innovation, in particular Neuro Innovation. One key aspect is the realization that ideas don’t come randomly and there are no “magic ideas out of the blue”. The brain composes ideas from past experiences and those compositions represent […]

There was an interesting question on Quora: “How do companies remain innovative?” Maybe my answer sparks some more ideas and some more answers or even different questions. Here is my response – rather than a real answer: So far, there is no company known for being repeatedly innovative. Even the most innovative startups become a […]

From the first day of the World Innovations Forum’s inception, we were thinking about financing groundbreaking innovation.  Today we are proud to introduce the Innovation Capital Network. It consists of roughly 900 investors, including individual Business Angels, Angel Networks, VCs, Private Equity investors/firms. The combined investment power is approximately $1 Billion. Investors Interest As we […]

It’s the most often asked entrepreneurship question I can remember. For Quora, I had a few text blocks depending on the question. Today I put all the answer variations into one piece of blog post :) If you want to start but don’t have a good idea: Look for a problem you want to solve. […]

Two hundred years ago, Europe was the dominant innovation hotspot in the world. Machines, automobiles, trains, airplanes, architecture innovation… almost everything came from Europe. That changed about 60 years ago. Innovation shift to the US, then China John F. Kennedy gave the change signal. “We take a man to the moon and bring him safely […]

Our world is shaping itself in an all new way. Startups on Decline We are seeing a general decline of “startups” mainly those who were just jumping on the bandwagon without any serious concept, more importantly without any real entrepreneurial DNA. It actually feels like a positive self cleanup across the globe. And the old […]