As part of the WIForum Initiative “Innovate Fighting Pandemics” we discussed ourselves what would we do if we ran a production company with thousands of employees and are forced to […]

Innovate Fighting Pandemics – The power of us! By Cafer Tosun, Jaideep Adhvaryu, Alyssa King, Axel Schultze   The Coronavirus COVID-19 has brought our life globally to a halt. While all […]

This virus clearly hit humanity pretty hard in many ways. First and foremost the losses of lives. And it comes hand in hand with a very saddened human behavior: “oh […]

  Let us celebrate all those excellent and innovative startup entrepreneurs from around the world! In the last eight years, we had the pleasure, working with hundreds of startups, attended […]

THE QUEST FOR MORE INNOVATION The last five to ten years, pretty much any business and any government was pushing for more innovation. But if somebody was asked “How do […]

The 7 virtues of idea validation The absolute very first people you go to, are your potential customers. Listen very carefully what they say. Never ever fear that anybody can […]

  In 2020 we will be bringing latest innovation techniques into emerging countries. Innovative youth from emerging nations will dominate by 2038 In our quest to bring emerging / developing […]

2nd Global World Innovations Forum, Digital Conference We are living in a world where Co² emission, energy consumption and major travel expenses are highly sensitive topics. We are also living […]

A big Thank you to all WIForum Ambassadors, Team members, Advisors, CoWorking Spaces, Volunteers, Community Members, Country Representatives and helping hands We couldn’t be more thankful for every one of […]

Happy Birthday Alfred Escher In times where innovation and entrepreneurship is discussed across the globe, the name Alfred Escher needs to be mentioned. Maybe one of the most influential entrepreneurs […]

ASIA TOUR FALL 2019 HIGHLIGHTS Mid-December, we returned from our third 2-month long work to Asia. This time we started our activities Phnom Phen and later on ran our very […]

From Nov 14 to Dec 8, the founders team of the World Innovations Forum is back in Vietnam. Let us share their schedule so you can join one or the […]

I’ve been asked countless times if it is worth to still enter the startup hype – or will it be gone sooner or later. Yes, in the developed nations, where […]

Despite all the political shifts and changes in the US, Silicon Valley will continue to lead. China is following very fast. And the rest of the world looks no longer […]

The economic development problem There are roughly 3 Billion (3,000,000,000) people living in poverty. Over 4 Trillion Dollars have been invested to help develop – with virtually no success. Wars, […]

As an organization, who has INNOVATION in its name, obviously we are diving very deep into the topic and getting a large variety of perspectives and insights. Innovation tightly connected […]

Can’t hear about climate change any more? Here is maybe a way to end it. An amazing example how innovation and disruption is not only about technology. It may not […]

I was wondering what are the biggest problems we have on earth today. I know there are thousands, millions or even billions of problems to solve. I get asked so […]

Pretty much every car manufacturer on the planet are testing their autonomous cars here in Silicon Valley. Resources are plentiful, rules and regulations, as innovation friendly as possible without going […]

I’ve been asked so many times that I felt it would be good to write a blog post. Obviously there are many consulting services, software developer and others who could […]