Global Space for Innovative Minds


Helping unfold the human potential for ingenuity. Jointly ensuring sustainable innovation for the generations to come and making the universe a better place, by starting to make it inhabitable.


– Inspiration for large-scale innovations.
– Circles for all areas of innovation
– A space to think beyond most imaginations
– A space to make extreme imaginations a reality
– A digital platform to for location independent exchange.
– Giving the innovation industry a voice.
– Exchange, Networking,
Events, and Research

We may have infinite dreams, but their true value comes from making it happen.


At the World Innovations Forum, we practice openness, transparency, tolerance, and specialization. No problem is too big, no solution too bold, and no idea too crazy. If one can think of it, they can create it. We don’t need devil’s advocates and negativity to thrive.

About WIForum

The Swiss-based World Innovations Forum Foundation aims to connect innovative minds worldwide to exchange ideas, challenges and solutions. WIForum is the voice of the growing Innovation Industry.

Members collaborate on workshops, events, and programs that drive the global innovation economy. As a member, you will benefit from contributing or participating in topics including innovation leadership, innovation creation, innovation financing, innovation talent development, innovation’s legal aspects, innovation services, innovation media, and innovation relevant policies.

The member-driven organization facilitates dialogues, discussions, meetings, and exchanges among innovative minds worldwide, online and on-site.

Sustainable Innovation

Innovation has a potential risk of harming our environment and people only find out later. To achieve “Sustainable Innovation”, innovation needs to check future impacts already in its development phase. Modern innovation management strategies should include measures and strategies for sustainable innovation processes and think through the various future risks and permutations of innovation that may unfold a risk later. Members are asked to contribute to the Sustainable Innovation Dialog and corresponding commitments.

About WIForum and SDG 9 Support

We are supporting SDG no.9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. Initially, we were focusing only on startup development. In the past two years however, we realized that corporations across all industries and around the glob have serious trouble to genuinely innovate. The lack of innovation results not only in lack of competitiveness, which could be equalized by free competition, but in two other risks:
1) lack of sufficient production quality and therefor a higher risk of environmental damage, and
2) when they fail, they cause an significant rise of unemployment.
So we decided to expand our membership and include larger corporations that seek to drive innovation.

About WIForum