Two hundred years ago, Europe was the dominant innovation hotspot in the world. Machines, automobiles, trains, airplanes, architecture innovation… almost everything came from Europe. That changed about 60 years ago. […]

Our world is shaping itself in an all new way. Startups on Decline We are seeing a general decline of “startups” mainly those who were just jumping on the bandwagon […]

Since thousands of years, innovation has been the primary success factor for any business and for any economy. And the counter fact, a declining ability to innovate, results in declining […]

Looking for more information on becoming an Entrepreneur or running a successful startup? Well we are hosting monthly webinars to answer your burning questions. Entrepreneurs talk about their experience and […]

Yet another amazing World Innovations Forum Conference, all online. Attendees from 59 countries and speakers from 22 countries made it a great event. The conference started with the 10-year agenda […]

The world needs more 007s When you look for successful companies who have somewhere more than 25-50 employees, you will find about 400,000 companies. And when we assume about 6 […]

You know, that on average 10% of startups win – Don’t focus on those who did not make it. UNDERSTAND WHAT THE F**K DID THE GOOD STARTUPS HAVE TO WIN? […]

June 23-25, the second World Innovations Forum Conference, will be held online. Broadcasted from our innovation studios in Lucerne Switzerland, attendees will meet innovative minds from fast-emerging countries discussing needs […]

By Cafer Tosun, Alyssa King, Axel Schultze May 10, 2020 On Mother’s Day, May 10th, 2020, a total of 62 countries have made wearing a mask compulsory the one way […]

Covid-19 is only one crisis of many in our near past – and you will learn to live with crises in the future. Moreover, you should make your startup crisis […]

  By Cafer Tosun, Alyssa King, Axel Schultze Everyone from young to old, wants to know when this pandemic is going to be over. We need a plan to end […]

The world is introduced to two more ways to be divided. In the past we divide between east and west, north and south, good and mediocre education, blue collar and […]

The most successful startups in the world start with an amazing business idea. Even though the initial value of even the grandest idea is zero, it is the very moment […]

Congratulations Entrepreneurs of Flight 8 On April 8th, 2020, Entrepreneurs of Flight 8 of the World Innovations Forum  Entrepreneurs Acceleration Program (AEP) presented after completion of a 3-month accelerator program […]

As part of the WIForum Initiative “Innovate Fighting Pandemics” we discussed ourselves what would we do if we ran a production company with thousands of employees and are forced to […]

Innovate Fighting Pandemics – The power of us! By Cafer Tosun, Jaideep Adhvaryu, Alyssa King, Axel Schultze   The Coronavirus COVID-19 has brought our life globally to a halt. While all […]

This virus clearly hit humanity pretty hard in many ways. First and foremost the losses of lives. And it comes hand in hand with a very saddened human behavior: “oh […]

  Let us celebrate all those excellent and innovative startup entrepreneurs from around the world! In the last eight years, we had the pleasure, working with hundreds of startups, attended […]

THE QUEST FOR MORE INNOVATION The last five to ten years, pretty much any business and any government was pushing for more innovation. But if somebody was asked “How do […]

The 7 virtues of idea validation The absolute very first people you go to, are your potential customers. Listen very carefully what they say. Never ever fear that anybody can […]