Concept Innovations

Large Scale Innovation Projects, helping solve humanity’s biggest challenges.

Concept cars are for the automobile industry; concept homes are for the construction industry and now concept innovations for all industry. While most concept cars are never seen in a production line, concept innovations are created to be realized. Some Concept Innovations are built-to-order, others are part of innovation contests, and others are open to being acquired by enterprises.

Petawatt Geothermal Energy


Concept Innovations in energy generation

WHAT: A steam turbine-based energy plant system, where the steam turbine sits at a 20,000-meter depth getting 500°C, the same temperature as a nuclear power plant delivers.
UNIQUE: Since no vertical drill can reach that depth, we bore a “tunnel” at a 50° angle 32km into the ground. We place some of the most powerful steam turbines producing 5 Terra watt/h or approximately one petawatt per year.
TO INNOVATE: Bore head, heat resistant turbines, diagonal cable car 500°C resistant, gravel traps, and more.
ADVANTAGE: Geothermal energy is available 24x7x365, weather, sun, or environment independent.
IMPACT: 200 energy plants worldwide would deliver today’s total global energy needs. It could be used on Mars and possibly on the moon too.
SPONSOR: Undisclosed

STATUS: Preparing

Autonomous Logistic System

In Evaluation

WHAT: An autonomous container system where the container controls the robots that move it, for fully automated freight terminals. This includes container-in-container handling for autonomous last mile handling.
UNIQUE: Rugged and 99% recyclable plastic containers or boxes from as small as 30x20x5cm to as big as 5x5x5 meters fully stackable and individually distributed. The AI driven container logic manages itself and cannot be connected or controlled by the outside. Only with authorized hardware and access rights the container can be programmed – like an autonomous car or robot.
TO INNOVATE Unique locking system, Unique grabbing system, and Embedded digital system, allowing completely automated loading and unloading, opening and selecting the content for different destinations. Ready for individual home delivery, drone delivery, or pickup.
ADVANTAGE: Lighter, bigger, modular, recyclable container system with matching “sub-containers” inside.  Fully automatic handling from any position to any destination.
IMPACT: 20 times capacity saves 2,000% railroad distance. Automatic handling reduces cost and administration by more than 50% and increases delivery speed, estimated by factor 2.
SPONSOR: Undisclosed

STATUS: Evaluating

Quantum Communication

In Evaluation

Concept Innovations in quantum communication

WHAT: A quantum mechanic-based communication system that allows instant information transactions. Unlike radio waves limited to light speed, quantum entanglement allows a transfer speed that is currently not measurable. The distance between the moon and the earth would be instant – enabling IT centers to build on the moon.
UNIQUE: Leveraging quantum entanglement for communication between two quantum computers.
TO INNOVATE Quantum computer software to create and manage communication.
ADVANTAGE: Instant communication even with planets lightyears away, like Proxima Centauri B. Possibly the only communication mechanism that advanced civilizations in our universe would use.
IMPACT: Out-farm high-performance server farms to the moon, using uninterrupted solar power to power the computers and deliver instant results to the earth.
SPONSOR: Undisclosed

STATUS: Evaluating

Lunar Fabrication


Concept Innovations in moon fabrication

WHAT: A structure that helps multiple companies to produce materials or services on the Moon. Materials may mean oxygen or plastics from the moon surface or services like IT services mainly energy intensive data services. This concepts is also about economy of scale.
UNIQUE: a universal production and services operation for multiple businesses including solar energy supply.
TO INNOVATE: Moon operational 3D printers, Excavation machines working under less gravitation, asteroid protection, air-condition, underground operation, space elevator for wired data connections.
ADVANTAGE: Reducing air pollution and Co² exposure. Unobstructed solar energy  generation.
IMPACT: The top electricity consumer are computer centers from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung and so forth. Putting them on the moon and connecting them to earth would reduce energy consumption on earth dramatically. Adding chemical production and others, comes on top.
SPONSOR: Undefined

STATUS: Evaluating

All Digital Bank


WHAT: An intelligent finance technology bank with no counter, no consulting, just a high-performance and superior data management frontend for business or private users. The new “bank” is a technology powerhouse with a gigantic ultra modern IT center. An IFT-Bank.
UNIQUE: From the ground up, newly designed banking operation. Full bank service, including all transactions such as bookkeeping, portfolio management, reports, predictions, trading, money transfer, loan requests, financial services management and others.
TO INNOVATE: A new API design for other systems and services, new security architecture, and new business model.
ADVANTAGE: Leveraging the existing high-speed transaction systems. Reducing representation and personnel cost by as much as 80% from current cost. Offering what most modern adults expect from a fintech provider.
IMPACT: High performance and a new level of all encompassing personal and business finance management.
SPONSOR: Undefined

STATUS: Preparation



Concept Innovations in financial services industry

WHAT: A new category of financial services provider, Finance Super Market. Providing financial services to end consumer who do not want to deal with fully digital services.  FinMart XXL offers all kinds of financial services such as banking, insurance, loans, leasing and more.
UNIQUE: There is no such service available today.
TO INNOVATE: Frontend Software to connect to the new digital full-banks. Business model, services portfolio, regulation models.
ADVANTAGE: Digital native customers can get a much better service at a much lower price. The unexceptional high cost of sales of financial services institutes would be reduced and distributed to FinMart type financial market places.
IMPACT: Financial Services see a more scalable and effort-specific pricing structure. A large number of sales people get back to the job market and make the sale shortage today a bit less dramatic.
SPONSOR: Undisclosed

STATUS: Evaluating

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Status Information for all Concept Innovations

Status description

Concept evaluation, resource needs analysis
Team pre-registration

Preparing the innovation journey including looking for talents and sponsors
Team application period

Selecting most talented applicants. Selecting sponsors.
Preparing resources

Organizing workflow with the team, training, timelines and more.

Market exploration, ideation, validation, funding exploration
6-12 months

MVP, Innovation-to-market and growth
12-36 months

Ramping for exponential sales and scaling globally
60+ months