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Innovations Academy

Developing the most talented Innovators & Innovation Managers

Seeding Innovation

We connect the most talented innovators, the most ambitious business people and the smartest supporter in the innovation space to unfold the most amazing innovation for human progress.


Innovation Capital Network

A network of international accredited investors, investing in innovation.


Innovation is in our DNA – and in our NAME

Inspired by the Silicon Valley Spirit, we are an organization, building a digital & global space for innovative minds. No more borders, no passports.

We practice a culture value, where no idea is too crazy, no project too bold, no question too dumb and no dream is too far fetched. Even the sky is no longer the limit and over 1,000 investors are not an “inner circle”.

We are not an elite club but open for every innovative mind.

Your Engagement

You can only get something out – if at first, you put something in. We are a member driven foundation.

Shaping Innovation itself
for a better outcome

True and groundbreaking innovation has nothing to do with “improvements”. The act of innovation is about finding fundamentally new ways that makes it significant easier, safer or more fun to do our work or other activities. Innovators get continuously blocked, even threatened by their competition, and even by government bodies, despite the continuous outcry for more innovation. The exchange in the World Innovations Forum shall help members share those challenges and jointly work with those issues.



Get Involved

Be a part of an innovative foundation looking to create prosperity for all nations.


The World Innovations Forum was created to stimulate the exchange between innovative minds, form fast growing, innovative startups to global enterprises. As a corporate member you have a great opportunity to discuss innovation challenges with peers from all sizes and all corners of the earth. You also have the opportunity to see up and coming innovation in very early stages and get access to those technologies while they are created. As a World Innovations Forum Member you also get access to talents, new markets and new ways of thinking.


The World Innovations Forum was created to stimulate the exchange between innovative minds, form fast growing, innovative startups to global enterprises. As a innovative and highly determined entrepreneur you have an opportunity to discuss innovation challenges with other entrepreneurs but also tapping into the enterprise world which may be your first customers. You get support in how to overcome growth pain, handle growth finance or how to get to a top innovative state with your current solution. As a World Innovations Forum Member you also get access to education, investors and early adopters from the corporate space, around the world.


As an investor you will be able to access and invest in the global innovation space from many perspectives and suitable to your investment strategy. Whether you focus on fast growing startups, on private equity in the mid market or as a potential shareholder in public companies. The degree of innovation is determining the long term success of a company. However, those companies small or big, also depend on investors who understand the changes in this world, which only will continue to accelerate. And for the next few centuries, there is no deceleration in sight. Whether you look for deal flow, co-investors or investment knowledge, a member driven organization gives you the power to either find it in the ICN Program or you build what you think is needed.


Join the World Innovations Forum community of innovative minds to find latest innovation development that you cannot find elsewhere. You may possibly participate in innovation projects that are just starting. You may want to help teaching latest innovation methodologies, provite business support or startup mentorship. Or you may find a new career path in the world of innovations. And if you are just interested in what others do join as well. As long time innovators, we understand that the initial value of an idea is zero. Therefor, nobody is worried that somebody can “steal” their idea.


As a a member driven organization we are always looking for volunteers. In particular in emerging countries, volunteering is extremely important to help a country grow. And that volunteers engagement can only from within the country – not from the outside. As a volunteer you work with innovative entrepreneurs, investors and supporter of the innovation ecosystem in your country. It’s a great opportunity to work on the edge of innovation and create a positive impact on one of the biggest challenges of humanity.


We envision a space where all innovative minds can get together, and exchange, creating prosperity for all nations through innovation and entrepreneurship. 

We have a single mission:

Stimulating and igniting the exchange between innovative minds to bring further progress to all nations. To do so we are building a global network with a culture of no limits, no borders, where everything is possible and even the sky is no longer the limit.

Innovative ways of thinking has been transforming innovation itself (15-Minute video)

For the past 12,000 years, innovation transformed societies around the globe. Innovation unfolded mobility, productivity, security, autonomy, comfortability and lately individuality. Productivity beyond our own level of consumption created wealth. Now is the time to leverage the ability to help all nations to prosperity. It’s time to grow innovation and entrepreneurship across the planet. And it is time to no longer believe that nations that go under is a natural life cycle. Egypt, Greece, Rom, China, and the former leading South American Nations still exist. We need to help those who made major mistakes in their evolution by trying to improve, and not letting them down. The loss of energy, spirit, and human development is far to great to let it happen again.

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