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2050 Agenda

We observe the beginning of a mega shift in our societies around the world towards a significant decline in repeat work and at the same time a significant rise in demand for ingenious talents. Businesses, Governments, Educational Institutes, and organizations of any flavor need to innovate in order to stay competitive.

Innovation has in many cases one objective: Making activities easier to perform, more efficient, less costly, safer, more fun, and more attractive. Repeat work on the other side is harder on humans, less efficient, has room for more errors, involves higher cost, less safe, and less fun.

The result is that we will need far more ingenious talents and fewer repeat workers. It may become one of the greatest challenges to our education efforts globally. We will need to balance “Learn and Repeat” with “Experience and Create”. 

The WIForum has a culture of no limits, no borders, where everything is possible and even the sky is no longer the limit. Be part of it.

Shaping innovation

True and groundbreaking innovation has nothing to do with “improvements”. The act of innovation is about finding fundamentally new ways that make it significantly easier, safer, or more fun to do our work or other activities. Innovators get continuously blocked, even threatened by their competition, and even by government bodies, despite the continuous outcry for more innovation. The World Innovations Forum exchange shall help members share those challenges and jointly work with those issues.

Engage in initiatives

As a member-driven organization, it’s the members with leadership DNA who are creating and driving our initiatives and programs. This may include new innovation initiatives, organizational programs, collaboration programs, industry or societal research, educational programs, membership programs, and more. If we don’t have it, you should step up and build it. If we need to create awareness for something, you can take it into your hands and lead it on a global scale.
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The World Innovations Forum was created to stimulate the exchange between innovative minds, from fast-growing, innovative startups, global enterprises, young professionals, students, and organizations. As an innovative mind or someone to become innovative, you have an opportunity to discuss innovation challenges with others from any business segment, industry, or trait. As a World Innovations Forum Member, you also get access to education, investors, and early adopters from the corporate space, around the world.

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