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Efosa Ojomo – puts it to the point. We need to rethink development aid in general. We saw a team helping farmers in Ghana to drive and repair tractors. Some learned it others not. But when the tractor broke they didn’t try to repair it but pulled out their old wood tools. While in all good intentions – it just did not provide sustainable development help.

Disrupting Development Aid

We are hiring

ZÜRICH OFFICE – we are looking for four new team mates as full time employees in our office in Switzerland.

Project Manager
Managing our core project “Prosperity for all nations” and coordinating all aspects of the project with donors and our teams in the countries. See more details

Program Manager
Managing our main programs and helping our ambassadors to implement and leverage them. See more details

Office Manager
Managing all office administration and helping with reporting and research. See more details

Innovations Paradigm

If we want to help entrepreneurs be innovative, we needed to fully understand the whole complex and all its adjacent activities how innovation is actually created. With intense research and lot of facts collection and success pattern assessments we created the Innovations Paradigm.

The Innovations Paradigm takes the whole complex into consideration. Clearly, the “Act Of Invention” is the critical spark to initiate innovation. However the invention is of no value if one cannot get it to markets. Important requirements include capital, support and mentorship, infrastructure, meaningful legislation and taxation. With this an innovation can conquer markets. But if markets are assumed to come by themselves, such an innovation remains to have no value.

Scaling the business, getting it into local and foreign markets and increase production is what it takes to create the sought after Innovation Vale. If only a small number of customers have access to the respective innovation, only little value is created. If the innovation is reaching global markets and can massively exported the real innovation value kicks in and with export rises prosperity.

Innovation Workshops

Startups and corporate innovation labs are in a race for more innovation, innovative solutions, innovative business models and innovative businesses. The question remains:  How do you innovate?

This workshop gives rare insights in the inner workings of the most innovative businesses, where to get the innovative inspiration from, how to think innovative, where to start, what it takes to make an innovation successful.

Workshops are currently conducted in San Francisco, CA | Zürich, Switzerland and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Prosperity for all nations

Between 1970 and today – humanity aggregated $4.7 Trillion in development aid. All together we saved millions of people from starving to death. However, we did not get the poor countries to any kind of self sustainable prosperity. We all had to learn so much how our world actually works.

With our knowledge today, we know how the developed countries evolved. And with that know how we are now trying to help fight poverty with the same methods that worked for Switzerland, Germany, USA, Norway, and lately South Korea to emerge from poverty: Through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our long term engagement is to stimulate prosperity from within a country and not from the outside by helping innovative entrepreneurs to stay in their country and grow it – very much like all developed countries did it one way or the other.

In over 100 events with thousands of entrepreneurs attending, we saw yar dropping entrepreneurs from all nations. The only thing they need is motivation, the same guidance like any other entrepreneur in developed countries and access to capital to grow.

We believe that instead of the developed countries saving 3.5 BIllion people from starvation, we need to help 3,500 startups become successful and be able to help their own country stop poverty. We wholeheartedly believe, they will be able to bring their respective nations to prosperity, very much like our entrepreneurial fathers of our prosperity did it 200 years ago – and why not.

We are looking for volunteers

Volunteering – opportunity to help, learn and make a difference. We are looking for volunteers in the countries and in our office in Zürich. See more details

Relevancy of innovation far beyond comfort

Homo Sapiens is certainly one of the most amazing animals, roaming earth. Our interest and ability to help our species across the entire planet and across oceans is unparalleled. Of course we created tools to do so – but that is an other amazing story in itself. The mistakes we made are growing on magnitude but so grows our ability to fix them. That we, the World Innovations Forum even exist is because so many other before us tried to perform unimaginable tasks to help reduce starvation, reduce illnesses, provide base education and so much more. And again it is because of the capabilities we acquired through innovation, that we continue to strive. Our energy hungry innovations are continuously challenging us again and again. Yet we will solve those problems as well.

Our planet is fragile and so is the whole universe. Nothing stands still, Everything evolves and grows, including the universe itself. The unique and extreme ingenuity of Homo Sapiens may one day be enough to help live on earth be protected from dangerous asteroids or even allow us to bring life to other planets. No other living being can develop that ability. To do so, there will be the day, we will need to unite and plan projects that go far beyond our wildest Scifi dreams.

A species that is on eye-level with each other and highly developed is needed to make our and all species survive – beyond earth.  Even if most people today do not care at all about situations that are still far out – like we did not care about our environment at a time it was too far out.


The World Innovations Forum Foundation is an independent, Swiss based foundation (NGO). We stand for “Prosperity for all nations”. In the respective countries, we support local entrepreneurs by growing large businesses and by exporting into global markets, create massively new jobs and contribute to the prosperity of their nation. We collaborate with Entrepreneurs Groups, Investor Networks, Universities, Governments, Ecosystem Enablers, Corporate Supporter and other NGOs.

We envision a world where prosperity is possible in all nations, through innovation and entrepreneurship – created within each country.

Here at the World Innovations Forum, no problem is too big, no solution too bold, and no idea too crazy. If we can think it, we can create it. We are here to help entrepreneurs make the impossible a reality, for the benefit of their respective society.

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