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Entrepreneurs Acceleration

We are looking to discover the qualities of a Alfred Escher, Andrew Carnegie, Carl Benz, Elon Musk, Ferdinand Porsche, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg… We know that they exist in every nation on the planet. They just need to be empowered.


Innovation Capital Network

Organizing a network of international accredited investors, interested to invest in emerging markets.


Seeding Innovation Initiative

Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs from developing and emerging countries who have the drive to build innovative enterprises, create lots of jobs and contribute to a self propelled economy.


The World Innovations Forum is an independent, Swiss based foundation.

Live a Life with a Purpose

Whether you join us or any other organization that tries to tackle some of the biggest challenges of humankind doesn’t matter at all. The only thing that matters is to stand up and contribute a tiny fraction of your amazingly lucky life you are born into – and help others who are just born into another life to come up as equals.

There are three kinds of homo sapiens:

  1. those who identify major problems and have to power to communicate them, asking people to find solutions. People like Paul Polman (about 0.001%)
  2. those who find solutions and attract other to help solving them. People like us in the World Innovations forum (less than 2%)
  3. those who just can’t decide what to do and remain silent, inactive and one day ask themselves what values will I leave behind. (~98%)

We’re helping innovative entrepreneurs in developing countries (about 170 out of total of 200 countries) bring their own ideas forward, build sustainable solutions, create jobs, and solve some of the biggest world problems.


The main purpose of initiatives is to create awareness for specific topics
and typically engage the entire entrepreneurs ecosystem.
Initiatives may support our core goal: acceleration of innovation
and entrepreneurship or just feature a specific engagement.


All our programs are primarily focused on the
active support of accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship.
We also provide programs supporting ecosystem members to then support
entrepreneurs to thrive and become successful.


We are organizing local and global events locally and globally.
The main purpose of physical events is to foster relationships, provide a way for entrepreneurs
to compare notes and network with other entrepreneurs and guests from the supporting ecosystem
like investors, technology and service providers, universities and so forth.
Our online events are typically focused on education and key information sharing.

Monthly Meetups

The local monthly meetups are hold to foster relationships among entrepreneurs and build a Silicon Valley Style innovation culture. Each month will have a special them and topic that is supported by global webinars and other means of communication. The meetups are a good place to discuss the topics and share ideas. The intellectual exchange is the main “food” for the brain to create innovative ideas and as such those meetups should be seen as strategically important.

Get Involved

Be a part of an innovative foundation looking to create prosperity for all nations.


The World Innovations Forum is created to help you, entrepreneurs to thrive, build your company and create jobs in your country. You will receive all the support we can give. Today our support includes an intrapreneurs academy program that was born from our accelerator program, we help you with deep innovation design support, monthly programs, mentorship, connections to investors and a global entrepreneurs ecosystem. Create an account and get access to all kinds of resources.


As an investor in entrepreneurs from fast emerging countries, you will catch to birds with one stone: 1) attractive investment opportunities in fast growing markets and 2) helping entrepreneurs that need the help most. We developed a program called Innovation Capital Network, where savvy investors co-invest with local lead investors rather than taking the risk of ‘remote try and error’. The ICN program is co-developed with an investor network in Vietnam and a partner of the World Innovations Forum. Create a free account to get involved and then decide yourself.


Mentors, Co-Working Spaces, Technology Providers, Universities, Government Agencies are key enablers to help entrepreneurship and innovation develop in a country. Joining the World Innovations Forum will provide you with connections to peers in countries around the globe and more access to entrepreneurs, initiatives, events and programs. Many of the programs and events are created with getting all stakeholder networked together. Just create a free account and take it from there.


Join the World Innovations Forum community of innovative minds. Entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs across the world. International investors are looking for opportunities and supporter find ways to optimize their offering.


As a volunteer you work with innovative entrepreneurs, investors and supporter of the startup ecosystem. It’s a great opportunity to work on the edge of innovation and create a positive impact on one of the biggest challenges of humanity.


Entrepreneurial industry partners and economic development oriented NGOs find with the World Innovations Forum a unique approach in creating prosperity, jobs and innovation in developing countries.


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