Our value proposition as an NGO

Countries: Create prosperity in 1,000 days by stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship!

This foundation is tasked to help any country, getting on eye-level with the most successful countries. The programs are specifically created to help countries build highly motivating and stimulating innovation ecosystems. The programs are  structured to attracts top talents locally and accelerate their innovative engagement to build robust and value creating businesses. These entrepreneurs, when keeping their headquarter in the country, will ignite prosperity in a 1,000 days, and within a few years do an IPO, be the base of a self propelling economy and sustainable prosperity. Very much like any of today’s developed nation.

Our Work


Ecosystem For Innovation
We are helping build robust innovation ecosystems and infrastructure for countries to attract entrepreneurs, provide a space to become highly innovative, attract investors, improve entrepreneurial education and keep the talents local to build a self propelled economy with attractive jobs for everybody.


Innovation and entrepreneurship acceleration
We are available for projects that focus on economic development, innovation development, entrepreneurial talent development, job creation, prosperity development, innovation financing, Startup acceleration programs and similar objectives


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs
The World innovations forum offers a variety of programs that are used in our INITIATIVE, in PROJECTS and offered as stand alone programs.


Why funding us?

We developed a new understanding about the creation of prosperity. We already adapted that new way successfully, We see this as currently the only way to get all nations out of poverty. The value we add is focusing on sparking ingenuity from within a society. We are in this for the long run.

In over 100 of our own events with thousands of entrepreneurs from SMEs and fast growing startups attending, we saw dropping entrepreneurs from all nations. The only thing they need is motivation and the same guidance like any other entrepreneur in developed countries, plus access to capital for growth.

Earth has prosper nations on almost all continents. There are stunning entrepreneurs from all ethnic groups. All of today’s developed countries came out of poverty, so far 15% of all nations.
We are connecting the dots:

Prosperity for all nations

Our knowledge, how the developed countries evolved, how they started their economy and what it took to get out of poverty like Switzerland, Germany, USA, Norway, lately South Korea, Uruguay, Chile and China inspired us to rethink development aid. We adapted to new ways helping nations gain prosperity.

Self propelled economies drive prosperity and eradicate poverty and hunger. Every single developed nation is a testimony of that very fact. We created programs that help entrepreneurs and ecosystem builder to focus on generic methods of innovation and entrepreneurship rather than helping them build what the western world had already developed.

We inspire developing and emerging countries is rethink their their real needs and how generic innovation and entrepreneurship could help create their own country specific solutions. We work exclusively with local entrepreneurs and stakeholders to ensure that ingenuity comes from within a society and is not motivated from the outside.

It’s our long term goal to provide a global network of innovative minds that observes the ever fluctuating levels of prosperity and provide support for keeping innovation and entrepreneurship up to par with all nations.

WIForum Vision, Purpose and impact


We, the World Innovations Forum Foundation,  envision a world where prosperity is possible in all nations, through innovation and entrepreneurship – created within each country.


Recognizing how almost all of today’s developed nations started out of poverty, we saw an opportunity to share this and help other nations to follow the same, general principles of innovation an entrepreneurship. We exist to inspire entrepreneurs in developing nations to build strong businesses that solve local problems and export their solutions into global markets with similar needs. We do not help build products that we find important, like building wells, but helping local innovative minds build what the nations really need.


Our work is resulting in self propelled and independently sustainable economies. We do that by inspiring local entrepreneurs to build solutions for the key problems in the country like innovative entrepreneurs in today’s developed nations did before them.

WIForum spirit in 9 min — TEDx

Efosa Ojomo – puts it to the point. We need to rethink development aid in general. We saw a team helping farmers in Ghana to drive and repair tractors. Some learned it others not. But when the tractor broke they didn’t try to repair it but pulled out their old wood tools. While in all good intentions – it just did not provide sustainable development help.

Our Partners