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New WIF 10 AI Accelerator

Batch no.10 with a whole new accelerator program.
Adjusted to the new world of Generative-AI
Adjusted to a new speed


Seeding Ingenuity 2024

in 2024 our business world is accelerating like never before -- and so will entrepreneurship

World Innovations Forum Foundation

World Innovations Forum Foundation

What we stand for

We embrace ingenuity as one of the most precious abilities of humankind. 

We facilitate a global exchange for all WIForum members through meetings, events, and community forums. We do not produce, consult or service.

Whether it is Innovation or Transformation, done by new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Human Intelligence Augmentation, Renewable Energy, Neuro Science, and the many other branches of Innovation. if it helps Humanity and Nature, it is a topic for us. 

Members agree on focusing on sustainable innovations that have a long-term positive impact on humanity and nature. The biggest damage humanity created was because the innovation wasn’t thought through. To day we have technology to avoid this.

Innovation is a key driver to reach the maximum human potential. Yet, a nation can only reach its maximum potential once all other nations reached theirs.

World Innovations Forum Foundation 2024

Focus Year of Artifiial Inteligence

The World Innovations Forum Foundation extends its scope:

1)  2024 major focus is on AI and Generative AI
2)  Batch 10 is now WIF10 AI Accelerator
3)  Membership is now free
4)  Global digital foot print with a new digital community.
5) We don’t produce, consult or service – we facilitate connections collaboration and the global exchange.

World Innovations Forum Foundation
WIF10 Accelerator

WIF10 AI Accelerator

Completely redesigned AI Axxelerator

WIForum Startup Accelerator

2014, Batch no.1 started in San Francisco. After the founders moved to Europe a few years later, they continue with in Switzerland, by then, Batch No. 6, Batch no. 8 was the first batch in Asia, Vietnam. When AI came up strong the Accelerator paused and was completely redone in the spirit of the new way of doing business in an AI-world. Batch no.10, as it’s name indicates is the 10th WIForum Accelerator batch in a very updated form.

Updated to Generative AI

Generative AI will change the world more and faster than any other technology before. Faster because we are experiencing a never seen before increase in productivity in almost every job.
A Startup without a sound understanding of AI, how it works, what changes and how to apply it will have the hardest time to compete with those who do. In of my March 2022 blogposts I stated:

AI will not replace people.
But people using AI will.

And that is true for startups as well. The most significant aspect of Generative AI and its prompts in business is its ability to generate a productivity Gain of far north of 10x.
YOU, can experience this gain also as entrepreneur in an accelerator. Most startup took about a year or two to get ready, now it is not more than 3 months. And you will experience the speed in WIF 10. We will work in a complete Generative AI environment. Everything you do and you learn is supported by Gen-AI. Yet – the thinking, the ingenuity and drive of your team is determined by your leadership and this is why you need to be the first, understanding what it means to work with AI.

World Innovations Forum Foundation – Events

By members for members

The future is the only timeframe we can influence. When innovative minds come together and discuss their visions, their market insights, and understand the megatrends, they can envision the future.

World Innovations Forum Foundation
World Innovations Forum’s global exchange

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Joining the World Innovations Forum Foundation and have an opportunity to collaborate with the most amazing people and make the impossible a reality. World Innovations Forum Members are innovation thought leaders from any industry, any political system, any country, and any trade.

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