WIForum Membership Benefits

WIForum Membership Benefits - Networking

Networking & Events

Connect with innovative minds from around the world. Participation in all online events for free. Most are for members only.

WIForum Membership Benefits - Concept InnovationConcept Innovations

Joining an innovation dream team of an active concept innovation journey. Being part of the world’s first open Large Scale Innovation programs.

WIForum Membership Benefits - Alexandria ForumAlexandria Forum

Ancient Alexandria was the first global space for exceptional scientists, architects, and other thinkers. Now we do it online so members from all over the world can join. For members only.

WIForum Membership Benefits - ResearchResearch Projects

Participation in research collaboration, research work, report development, and early access to the report.

Event Development

Opportunity to create, shape, or co-organize events and initiatives. Those events can focus on specific innovation-related topics, career-specific events, or other purposes that may be of interest to our members.

WIForum Membership Benefits for Corporations

Access to the annual report about the innovation space. The ~100 page report is available to corporate members for free and individual members receive a discount of 50%.

Benefit from our network to distribute your innovation and entrepreneurship-relevant whitepapers. Research distribution is available based on membership type.

Opportunity to share your insights through guest blogs or social media posts. Extending the reach durch syndication with the WIForum Blog.

Opportunity for one on one introduction with any of our members through the World Innovations Forum team member or ambassador. We facilitate personal and individual direct introductions between members.

Most unique WIForum Membership benefits:
Create your own initiatives

As a forum for intelligent, agile, and self-determined people, you get the space and can facilitate opportunities to meet, connect, and collaborate with like-minded people. You essentially create your own benefits that will benefit others as well. You can create and organize events, build groups, conduct roundtables, and more. Instead of providing cooky cutter programs to service and entertain its members, we provide inspiration, freedom, and facilitation of what you as a member want.

Concept Innovation

Concept Innovation is probably the most unique and most challenging initiative in the innovation space. We are introducing the idea of There are Large-Scale-Innovation projects that members can join in an Open Innovation engagement.