I was wondering what are the biggest problems we have on earth today. I know there are thousands, millions or even billions of problems to solve. I get asked so often on Quora or at startup events what problems do actually exist that could be solved, that I compiled this list of 100+ global problems worth solving, after a day research on the Internet and my own observation.

Of course this list is far from being complete. It’s just a tiny start.

And you can add to this list of “global problems worth solving” on our Google Drive. Feel free to add yourself to the contributor list. Do not spam it – please.
We will update this post once in a while.

100+ global problems worth solving

  1. Building a platform that collects problems, anybody can contribute and be curated by the community.ENVIRONMENT
  2. Inventing new material or techniques to replace plastic
  3. Inventing new techniques, and materials to replace paper
  4. Inventing new techniques and products, recycling any given material
  5. Inventing new materials replacing plastic bottles and cups
  6. Creating new ways to package food (100’s of varieties of food) environmentally friendly
  7. Finding artificial, yet environmentally friendly replacement for wood to reduce deforestation
  8. Inventing new motors that neither use electricity nor fuelEDUCATION
  9. Finding ways to augment education in conventional schools and universities with highly relevant education
  10. Creating social education programs that can run in parallel to schools, universities or jobs
  11. Offering classes for undergrads, how to get successful and rich
  12. Providing better base education programs on political knowhow
  13. Providing better education programs on the general concept of economies
  14. Providing better education on how wars are started and how peace is achieved and maintained today
  15. Creating more tangible lifelong learning concepts
  16. Creating more universally applicable career guidance mechanisms or platforms
  17. Creating solutions to shift from an “all learn – all work” model to a more balance modelENERGY
  18. Exploring new ways to generally reduce and safe energy
  19. Providing a more transparent and plausible energy consumption prediction for the scenario that most people on earth are out of poverty, living in newly developed countries
  20. New ways to harvest energy from bio thermal energy sources
  21. New ways to harvest solar energy
  22. New ways to harvest hydro energy
  23. Finding ways to transmit energy created on the moon, down to earth
  24. Identifying new ways to harvest energy from unidentified sources
  25. Finding all new ways to store electric energy in bigger volume and less in size and weight
  26. Smart energy re-distribution for those who produce excess energy that can be provided to othersPRODUCTS & TECHNOLOGY
  27. Lower cost reliable Internet connections
  28. Independent and reliable “News & Information Publishing” organization
  29. Better, social media integrated search engines
  30. All new and modern operating systems
  31. Fully integrated business application tools
  32. Meteorology technology provider not only for weather forecasts but for everything agricultural
  33. Generally available intelligent traffic lights, connected to a traffic flow system, but autonomous features
  34. Low cost mini satellites to explore earth and space, provide data hubs, accessibility and more
  35. Omnipresent, inexpensive and easy mobile payment system
  36. Building robots for all kinds of dedicated tasks such as cleaning shoes, planting crops, cleaning windows,
  37. The whole range of wearable products counting, watching, recording, measuring all kinds of things underway
  38. Situation dependent automatically changing materials to turn a lofty t-shirt into a rain covering shirt
  39. Smart materials that change their behavior based on environmental conditions i.e, taking the carbon out of carbon dioxide and returning the dioxide back to air
  40. Smart Contract development for cryptocurrency agnostic blockchain like media
  41. Universal low voltage power connection system that handles everything from a single wall plug to staggering distribution
  42. Creating universal ultra small IOT devices that allows any product to be programmed by a smartphone including remote controls, refrigerators, heaters, air conditioner, lights – anything. One interface for any product in the future.
  43. New better zipper that do not stuck, break or derail

  44. New ways to get to clean water
  45. Better ways to turn salt water into sweet water
  46. New ways to manage waste water in rural areas
  47. Cheaper ways to produce sanitation products i.e. toilets
  48. All new toilette models alleviating paper use
  49. More efficient ways for flushing toilets than using precious water
  50. New product for cleaning replacing bathtubs and showers or make their use a less used luxury
  51. More water consumption sensitive products such as water cranes, showers, garden watering systemsFOOD & DIET 
  52. New ways to offer unified insights into the ingredients of food in any supermarket
  53. Ways to eradicate factory farming (mass animal farming)
  54. More scientifically proven and generally understood advice to a healthy diet
  55. New ways to provide food portions in smaller sizes to stimulate reduction of food consumption and reduction of food waste

  56. Finding new ways to research all the facts and sources of climate change
  57. Finding new ways to deal with climate change and leverage the development so far
  58. Finding ways to predict climate change more precisely for the next 50 years and provide meaningful indications for the agricultural industry
  59. Better ways to organize research in general, creating more unbiased data.
  60. Catalog of things that could be done with AI and inspires developer
  61. An AI development system that could be used by virtually anybody
  62. Research for a more rational view of the evolving powers of Artificial Intelligence
  63. Creating algorithms that focus on environmental dependencies of new technologies
  64. Identify new ways that help certain countries to get off of the data protection hysteria
  65. New suggestions for data privacy models that give more power to the individual
  66. Developing ways to deal with the general risk of eradicating life through asteroids
  67. Developing scenarios to evacuate earth if needed, even though we would probably take 1,000 years to find the technical possibilities.
  68. New tools and platforms to interact with governments and communities
  69. New apps that cover all of the problems, allow to contribute in all kinds of ways and see reports
  70. 3-D printing companies, producing unique products, spare-parts, artificial organs, and more
  71. Cyber security improvements to significantly reduce or even alleviate hack attacks
  72. Data ownership mechanisms, rules and technology that makes sure that personal data are controllable by its ownerINDUSTRY
  73. Providing better technology for customer experience management
  74. Providing a new value system for corporate balance sheets involving employee contribution
  75. Providing new ways to offer equity to highly innovative employees
  76. Develop new systems that can track the degree of innovation development
  77. Design new systems for customer interaction with corporations
  78. Design new corporate employee education systems including lifelong learning
  79. Create a fortune 100,000 leaderboard with indexes addressing environmental, employee and other key aspects
  80. Creating all new insurance business models that provide much more contract transparency and easier to deal with
  81. Online grocery stores with home delivery like a few in Germany or Switzerland
  82. New media business models, disrupting the user unfriendly monopolis
  83. Much easier booking systems for public transportation anywhere in the world
  84. Creating systems that alleviate waiting (in line, at doctors, at shops, at bus stops….)SOCIETY
  85. More effective ways to deal with birth control in times where we help more people to survive
  86. Starting large scale research that can only be done with tens of thousands of supporters
  87. Finding better ways to deal with migration, integration and return mechanisms
  88. Finding ways to replace prisons with socially effective methods of societal reintegration
  89. Finding new policies to deal with people ignoring the generally accepted rules of societal coexistence
  90. Finding solutions to get to a broader reach of well being for all humans
  91. Developing new political concepts or new varieties of democracy that is more applicable in today’s world
  92. Developing new job concepts for people who work on social or macro economic solutions to be financed
  93. Developing new concepts for city creation addressing the bigger problems of today’s cities
  94. Developing new and holistic ways to reduce traffic congestions in larger cities
  95. Developing new logistical concepts to bring the huge amount of products directly to the citizens
  96. Developing new techniques to transport the remaining waste to the designated areas without the current waste disposal chain
  97. Finding new methods to alleviate corruption in government and other large organizations
  98. Finding new mechanisms to make governments more accountable, providing rewards and punishment solutions based on their achievements relative to their promisesHEALTHCARE
  99. New ways to provide a more balanced healthcare for the various developed nations
  100. New ways to provide healthcare in the first place for developing nations
  101. New ways for mental health care
  102. New ways to produce cheaper medicine or secure living without medicine


This list of “global problems worth solving” will sooner or later grow much bigger. We are looking forward to your inputs.

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