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How you can help

Help from the GROUND UP Getting 3,5 Billion people out of poverty is a daunting task. But 150 years ago most developed countries were seriously poor too. We think we found a very different way to get countries out of poverty. We are supporting entrepreneurs in emerging countries like Vietnam, Ghana, Peru, do – what […]

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Our work in Vietnam Spring 2019

Meeting with the ITP leadership team of the University of Ho Chi Minh City. An impressive presentation where Vietnam is planning to go what innovative businesses concerns.  We also had some great meetings with students, who are very ambitious and eager to learn everything possible about innovative thinking and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs Workshop with roughly 20 […]

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Working in South Korea

One week with great teams, jar dropping innovation spaces and top notch universities. Our work in South Korea, with our ambassador and team was very exciting. South Korea is certainly no longer an “emerging country”. It bypassed many of the developed countries. Startup ecosystem of the superlative. South Korea’s brand new Innovation hub is certainly […]


How to find your co-founder

You already started very very well – togetherness. Yet this is one of the biggest challenges of first time founders. Hence the long and detailed answer. It takes teamwork to make a dream work. People all to often simply focus on the act of “finding”. That doesn’t get you anywhere and you end up with […]