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Self propelled economies

We have roughly 200 souverain states on earth, depends on who is accepting which country. The 10 wealthiest countries together represent more than half of all export/capita value from around the world.  The 25 poorest countries do not export anything at all. It appears that the ability to export indicates the level of prosperity. The […]

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Welcome “Innovations Age”

Transcending from the Information Age into the Innovations Age. Looking back: Information is king, information will be omnipresent and widely accessible more or less across the globe. All that exactly happened. The power of information changed the world order. It was no longer the production power that made emerging countries to developed countries, but well-informed […]


Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

I see thousands of horror stories and get hundreds of fearful questions like will AI be harmful to humans, will “they” take over the world. People see them already as fully developed beings and thousands of times superior over humans. There is an interesting psychological analysis about that – but first let me stop this […]

Artificial Intelligence Timeline – next 50+ years

Technological – Business – Societal  – Impact Development Timeline The era of AMs – Autonomous Machines 2020 – 2025 We will see a rising number of products mainly chat bots, entering our day to day world. At the same time the work on “General AI” will be intensified and we are getting better and better results – […]

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Imperfection Oxymoron

In my work with artificial intelligence, thinking about the borderline between a perfect algorithm to perform a perfect action and the superiority over the human brain, I reached an area that made me think about the concept of perfection. Hyper smart applets In 1996 we were trying to design hyper-smart applets (applets was concept in […]

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