Building Concept Innovations

World Innovations Forum Foundation is collaborating with BlueCallom on Large-Scale Innovation concepts. Building Concept Innovations are typically Level 4 or 5 innovations, introducing massive advancements to humanity. Some examples include Geo-Thermal Energy Plants that should be able to serve energy on the petawatt level. Enough to produce electricity for the whole world. Or new container and logistics systems that increase the volume of goods by 20-fold and solve one of the biggest logistics problems. Another one is a level-5 innovation. The quantum communication project shall allow quantum computers to communicate via quantum entanglement and communicate at unimaginable and even unexplainable speed – as it is more or less instant communication. Two FinTech projects that are related and will change the very foundation f the banking business. No. It has nothing to do with blockchain but digital banking and business model innovation.

Currently, six concept innovation projects are exposed, another eight are in an early preparation state, and some are in the pipe. Over time we expect more external ideas and concepts to join the innovation community.

How does it work?

Companies are working with us to develop a large-Scale Innovation that fits their business interest. We would also explore substantial large-scale Innovations from free teams with well-defined concepts and want to run them using our platform and infrastructure. We are open to exploring other models as long as they are significant and sustainable Large-Scale Innovations that make a difference to humanity. The project can be done as an open innovation project (suggested) or a closed project with only the minimum information exposed to attract supporters.

Who can join, building concept innovations?

Generally speaking, every WIForum Member with a team of innovative minds. If you have no team, you can ask your network to register on our website as a teammate, and we will make the qualification and onboarding for you. The minimum team size is 10. We reserve the right to reject an application.

Terms and conditions will be available soon.