First Fully Assisted AI Start-up Accelerator Nr.10

First Fully Assisted AI Start-up Accelerator Nr.10

Last week, the World Innovations Forum attended and exhibited at the World AI Cannes Festival (WAICF). Among the many groundbreaking developments showcased at the event, we were proud to reintroduce our Accelerator program, now infused with the transformative power of AI.

Our Accelerator program, once called the “West-Point for Entrepreneurs,” has been reinvented to meet the demands of the ever-evolving tech landscape. Batch 10 marks a significant milestone in our journey, as we embrace Generative AI to propel startups towards unprecedented levels of success.

Since its inception in 2014, our Accelerator has been instrumental in guiding startups from the ideation stage to market fruition. With the emergence of Generative AI, we recognized an opportunity to revolutionize our approach. The Batch 10 Accelerator program combines traditional entrepreneurship methodologies with the efficiency and speed afforded by AI. What once took weeks can now be accomplished in hours, thanks to the transformative capabilities of AI. 

Registration is open and spots are limited! Join us in shaping the future of innovation and securing your spot among a select group of visionary entrepreneurs. From the 8 billion people on earth we have only a few thousand really successful entrepreneurs and you should be one of them!

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Details of First Fully Assisted Start-up Accelerator 

This three-month hybrid program offers a unique blend of in-person and online sessions, culminating in a Demo Day where startups showcase their progress to potential investors.

Start Date: August 26th 2024

Our Accelerator starts with a one-week in-person Boot Camp, taking place in Zürich, Switzerland. During this week, we will delve into several topics essential for entrepreneurial success, including Gen-AI driven business building, Entrepreneurship Pure, Opportunity Discovery, and more.

Week 2-11 

After completing the Boot Camp, our experts will guide you through online mentoring and workshops. This will include Solution-Building, Go-to-Market Strategies, and Traction & Growth Hacking. 

End Date: November 22nd 2024

The last week of the Accelerator Program will conclude with a pitch event communicated through global media channels (Twitch) and with VC Jury members.

We will meet back in Zürich, Switzerland. 


Who is this Accelerator for? 

It’s for teams that have already laid the groundwork for a promising venture, ready to scale and make a meaningful impact on society. We seek bold visionaries with the drive and determination to succeed, supported by diverse teams comprising both business and engineering expertise.

If your startup meets the following criteria

  1. Registered within the past five years
  2. Possesses a bold vision targeting a sizable market
  3. Boasts a stellar founders team committed full-time to the venture

we invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards entrepreneurial excellence. Together, let’s redefine the future of innovation and shape a world where visionary ideas thrive. Apply now and become part of the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. 


  1. Register as an individual member for WIForum (Membership Fee €75)
  2. There is no cost for applying. However, start-ups with an invitation to the Accelerators will be asked to contribute with an €250 entry fee, which covers the Accelerator participation, including prompts and use of GPTBlue. It remains the responsibility of the participants to cover costs for travel expenses and accommodation.