WIForum AI Startup AcceleratorGenerative AI will be part of any solution in any industry.
If not in the product, at least in the way you get there.
And in the way you work in a next gen accelerator.

AI Startup Accelerator Starting August 26th!


Batch 10 is a completely overhauled Accelerator Program. Batch No.1, started 2014 in San Francisco and focused on helping startups get their MVP done and bring it to market, Batch No.6 was the first in Europe, Zürich. Batch No.6 was also the first to emphasize on Disruptive Innovation in top of entrepreneurship and MVP building.

With Generative AI entering the tech world and developing an enormous gravitational force, we decided to redo the entire program. Of course also in the AI Accelerator we will continue working with our startups on true entrepreneurship, creating a robust vision, MVP building, go-to-market and ensuring funding at the end of the program. But one thing is changing with Generative-AI: everything gets much faster, much more efficient. What took a week in the past can now be done in an hour – and that includes every facet of your work. 

Our accelerator was once described as the “West-Point for Entrepreneurs” that is the only thing that did not change. From the 8 billion people on earth we have only a few thousand really successful entrepreneurs and you should be one of them.

AI Accelerator Life

Everyday startup life with Generative-AI

As part of the accelerator program you not only learn how AI can improve your envisioned solution, you will use it every single day when you do your research, plan your marketing, create your campaigns, do your business plan, your cashflow plan, your product roadmap, your product strategy, your product development, your disruptive business plan and so forth. Moreover, you will literally design your operation and business with Generative-AI. Only when you eat your own dogfood – you can imagine what your customers could do with your application.

You will be the first startup-generation capable of rebuilding everything software from office tools to ERP systems.
YOU and your generation will change the entire trillion $ software industry 

Welcome to a new world, making the universe a better place.

the WIForum Founders worked the last 2 years on an amazing AI transformation plan, moving an innovation management platform from a conventional software to an AI-Native application. Driven by 128 highly specialized PROMPTS, the system interacts with Open AI GPT-4-Turbo today. The experience, advances and failures are shared as part of the newly designed WIForum AI Accelerator.

AI Startup Accelerator Batch 10

AI Startup Accelerator Program

Where the Mind and Machine
works together

  • This is a 3-month live/online hybrid program.
  • The first week, starting Aug 26 is in Zürich.
  • The last week, starting Nov 11 is also in Zürich, including the Demo Day.
  • The time in between are weekly online meetings.
  • You leverage Gen-AI to accelerate your startup.
  • You also leverage Gen-AI to make your solution a breakthrough innovation.

    Week 1 Live Training
    – All workshops in Zürich
    – Gen-AI driven business building
    – Entrepreneurship pure
    – Opportunity Discovery
    – Generative-AI, AI, ML, NLP, LLM
    – Prompt design for business processes
    – From Seed to Speed


    Week 2-5 Workshops
    – Online mentoring and workshops
    – Gen-AI driven software development
    – Creating your Gen-AI solution
    – Solution Progress
    – Field test
    – Finish your MVP


    Week 6-9 Workshops
    – Online mentoring and workshops
    – Gen-AI driven marketing
    – Continue Product Development
    – Business Model Development
    – Market Presence Development
    – User growth at any price
    – Social Media Marketing
    – Influencer identification


    Week 10-11 Workshops
    – Online mentoring and workshops
    – Gen-AI driven growth strategy
    – Continue Product development
    – Results Monitoring
    – Growth hacking daily
    – Expand your audience
    – Prepare for funding


    Week 12 Live Training
    – All workshops in Zürich

    – Gen-AI driven operations
    – Hire a top team
    – Make your application scalable
    – Understand growth financing
    – Widen your target region
    – DEMO DAY in Zürich and online

WIF10 Logistics

Who is the accelerator for

Teams that have built the foundation for a company that has a chance to grow to an autonomous organization and contribute to the society you started in. You pass the idea stage; you no longer pivot every week; you have a clear picture what you as a team want to do. So sorry, we do not take solopreneurs, those who dominate a startup.

  • Your company is registered, yet less than five years old
  • You have a bold vision and plan to address a large market
  • You have a stellar founders team of min. two people (one business, one engineering)
  • All founders are involved full-time and have no other business on the side


1) You need to be a WIForum Member (€75 per founder / year).

2) Application preparation €250) for accelerator preparation mentorship and pitch training.

3) Success Based Accelerator fee (Only if you got funded)
You pay 2.0% of any funds you raise within 18 months after completing the accelerator program.

4) WIForum Equity Program (With graduation)
As part of the program, we will take 3% equity in your company at nominal value [the value when the company was founded].
* Your company becomes a WIForum Portfolio Company.
* At least one of the accelerator program providers becomes a shareholder.
* WIForum provide mentorship going forward for at least two years.
* We reserve the right yo not participate in this equity program.

You can download the ACCELERATOR AGREEMENT review and send it in.

Included in the program

  • Generative-AI development platform for you to help build your AI solution.
  • Generative-AI program that amplifies and accelerates your startup building process.
  • All workshop material
  • Graduation with a certificate
  • Part of the WIForum entrepreneurs network
  • Lifetime Accelerator Alumni
  • Free access to WIForum Entrepreneurs Night Events
  • Help when you prepare your next round of funding

Apply here: