World Innovations Day | April 21

Celebrating Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Let’s all of us celebrate innovative entrepreneurs and innovative minds, especially from emerging countries. They are the ones with the most difficult paths. Share your favorite innovative startups, your favorite most innovative entrepreneurs from your country, the most helpful innovative minds than support those innovators.


Let’s create awareness for innovation, what it is, where we would be without it. But we also should think about the risks we are taking with non sustainable innovation, and how we can build more sustainable products and services. Sustainable innovation would be products and services that consider the balance between our development and nature – which we are part of.


In the next few days we will share all the ideas and activities for WIDay :)
If you have some ideas, join us, lead a group and bring it forward – globally.

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Background Thoughts


The wheel, bow and arrow, tent, boats, rope, saddle, plows, crane, houses, iron, wagon, bridges, steam engine, rail road, car, airplane, space rocket, TV, computer, Internet… Humankind innovates since 12,000 years. Only in the last 250 yeas the rate of innovation grew faster than ever before and we will see further acceleration. We have been simply built to innovate. And maybe we are natures best bet to help live on earth survive earth itself. We know that innovation has a price like anything in the universe, and so we need to make sure we can pay that price – but stopping innovation is simply not an option.


There is a distinct and fine yet defining difference between invention and innovation. Invention may be done by a single person. Innovation never is. It takes entrepreneurs who assemble teams, build whatever the invention is, share with others what they have built and ask to get paid in order to produce and do more. Fearless entrepreneurs with bold visions bring innovation to market that usually help us humans to move forward, make our lives saver and more comfortable, even more fun.


Only if there is a big interest in the products and services that have been invented and there are people to introduce those products to the ones that maybe interested, innovation, over time is changing the way we do things. Innovation eventually makes a big difference. The value of any innovation is growing with its distribution. There maybe fantastic and patented ideas in drawers of lawyers and corporations. Their value is exactly zero. It’s the market that actually shapes the value of innovation.