Groundbreaking Innovation in 40 days

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Whether you have an idea or not DOES NOT MATTER.
Innovation Opportunity Discovery” is part of the program and will help you find such opportunities. We are looking for teams, startups, small businesses, or enterprises – not individuals.

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Competition Guide


    1. Apply to join the Ingenuity Cup with your team
    2. Start your project on April 26, with a one-week neuro innovation training for free. 
    3. Win the Ingenuity Cup trophy, worldwide recognition, a cash prize, and more by developing a disruptive innovation, selected by public voting (49.5%), a jury of innovative minds (49.5%), and all contestants (1%).
    4. Award ceremony – held on June 22. In addition to the top three winners, all contestants will win during a fantastic competition of amazing innovative minds
      – meeting extraordinary people
      – getting global awareness for their effort
      – all participating teams will win an award and a certificate
      – A free Deep Innovation Design training at the beginning of the contest

      – A chance to win a flight into space in 2025
    5. Prizes for the top 3 teams.
      The winning team will receive
      The Ingenuity Cup Trophy
      Global recognition for their work
      A place in the 2025 Ingenuity Cup Space award competition
      The second and third place a smaller trophy

      Top 3 winners will be introduced to roughly 600 international investors.
      Startup class winners will be introduced to our corporate partners for possible collaboration. 
    6. Tools & Training will be provided by BlueCallom, the anchor sponsor of this competition, providing the latest Neuro Innovation Management software for free and training, ensuring teams have the same level of understanding in innovation methods and techniques.
    7. AgreementFor any registered company, the IP belongs to the company that participates in the contest whether it’s a startup or a global enterprise. For teams that simply get together like students or friends, the IP can be used by any team member on their own, or collectively by all team members together, or any part of the team. Students need to provide a release note from their university in case they have any IP regulations the teams are bound to. Anybody who joins a team within the open innovation competition will agree to not claim any intellectual property rights on any idea or any other contribution they made.
    8. Fees: There is only a nominal fee
      * Enterprises 1,500+ employees: $250
      * SMEs $100
      * Startups $20
      * Students and other individual teams $10

Registration Closed

What is actually a Groundbreaking Innovation?

A groundbreaking innovation has the following characteristics:

  1. Worldwide, there is no other solution like this.
  2. It solves a clearly defined problem that has either not been solved at all or only with an obvious less attractive solution.
  3. It addresses a large existing market or addresses a virgin not yet existing market
  4. The solution significantly elevates the way people do things.
  5. There are reasonable arguments why the competition will want to follow the concept or create their own groundbreaking innovation.
  6. There is a likelihood that the innovation will displace older less attractive solutions and cause employees to rethink the value of their job and career path (the price of progress).
  7. The majority of potential customers/users will initially either doubt that the solution is possible and/or think that it will never take off.


Teams should meet the following requirements

Whether you have an innovative idea or not doesn’t matter !!!!
We help you get there.

  • Have a genuine interest and motive to innovate
  • Have the willpower to build something extraordinary (education or background doesn’t matter)
  • Have an idea for whom they want to innovate for (target audience)
  • Have a team of at least 5 people and innovate together
  • Have a team of highly diverse backgrounds (i.e. not all engineers)
  • Have time to innovate for 40 days (at least a few hours a day)
  • Have the openness to share the idea and progress
  • Have no fear that ideas can be “stolen” (it’s not possible anyway)
  • Have the interest to bring their idea to a global market

Innovation is the product of Ideation and Execution