Ingenuity Cup 2021 | Competition Schedule

Disruptive Innovation in 40 Days

March 5 Registration Opening
Official announcement to our ecosystem of approximately 8,000 entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs from 40+ countries.
April 21 World Innovations Day |Imagination turns into Innovation
We cordially invite you to celebrate World Innovations Day and introduce you to the Ingenuity Cup. To celebrate we are hosting an online event on the topic of: Open Innovation – What is it? and Why should you pursue it?

This online event is aimed at everyone who wants to turn imagination into innovation and wants to bring “outside of the box” thinking into their company.

April 21 Competition Deadline
Finalists who join the competition will be informed by end of day on April 21.
April 26 Team Education
A one-week innovation training is provided
We want to make sure all teams have a rather equal chance to win. The training will share the latest know-how in innovation techniques, mechanism tools, success stories, and more.
May 3 Competition Starts
Innovation competition officially starts.
Each week we provide 2-hour guidance and support. Top innovation managers and coaches may be available to support and help the teams. Those who want to work on their own can obviously do so.
May 5 – June 16 Weekly Progress Update
In the spirit of open innovation, and in Elon Musk’s style, we will report the latest updates from the innovation teams and feedback from the market.  We will provide a weekly trend analysis based on KPI achievements and external inputs.
June 17 Competition Finish Line
This is the last day of the competition. All teams who achieved the goal of a genuinely groundbreaking innovation will now prepare for the rewards ceremony.
June 22 Rewards Ceremony
The jury will officially announce the winners and hand over the World Innovations Trophy and certificate as well as various prizes. We will introduce the teams from the two major time zones, the Americas and EMEA/Asia in two separate meetings.

Innovate and Reach for the Stars

Innovation Teams

Check what we are trying to achieve and give it a try. You can only win. It will be an exceptional experience. You will meet amazing people and you will learn a ton of aspects, tricks, methods, and technology to innovate. If we feel you don’t quality we will let you know in advance. You may regret that you spent the time. But you will regret far more, not even trying.


We will need hundreds of helping hands. We try to embrace innovation to amplify ingenuity and creativity as one of the biggest values of the human mind. We want to reach millions of people – and we know we can with your help.


Your help will make a big difference. And we believe you get a priceless return. You will have this ultra-rare opportunity to observe groundbreaking innovation in the making. This is not about watching startups what they do. This is all about HOW IT IS DONE.