World Innovations Day Champions

Help embrace innovation

World Innovations Day Champions help embrace innovation on World Innovations Day on April 21. We will introduce about 10 – 20 teams competing for the best groundbreaking innovation. To make it all happening we are looking for Champions, embracing innovation, spreading the word, finding and onboarding volunteers, identifying and reviewing contest applicants, helping by writing blog posts, support campaigns, helping organize and communicating events, and helping in the administration. You are in the driver’s seat.

The WIDay Champions are the heroes who make it happen. 

All active champions are rewarded at the contest rewards ceremony with a full year, free membership.
Champions also receive a certificate for their volunteering support.

Ways to support WIDay 2021

  • Help spread the word online.
  • Help to produce video or audio content.
  • Help writing blog posts.
  • Write updates about the teams in the contest.
  • Organizing a local WIDay initiative.
  • Suggest other ways to support the program.

Engagement and support details

Ways Innovation Day Champions support WIDay 2021

Help Spread the Word.

Embrace innovation and share content we provide across their network. We provide you with information, content, images to share and help get the word out. Invite your contacts to see what we are up to and ask them if they want to compete in the competition or help champion the event. Keep in mind that currently, we only have 0.007%, successful innovators. To solve all our problems, including the one we created, we need more people to think about great solutions.

Help writing blog posts.

Write blog posts about the event, your thoughts about innovation, what you see in your country. You may want to share some discoveries of great innovation in your nation. Also here we are more than happy to share it and spread the word about your post through our champion organization. Keep the blogger rule #1 in mind: Don’t think what you may write – write what you think. 

Help to produce a video or audio content.

Interview innovators in your country. Make videos or podcasts, We are happy to share it across our global ecosystem by sharing it on our blog and mentioning it in our newsletter. Don’t worry too much about the quality. Authenticity beats perfection.

Write updates about the teams in the contest.

We’d love to get different perspectives and observations about the progress of the teams in the contest. If you don’t have your own blog but are a good writer, we may publish it on our blog as a guest post. Nothing is more important for new innovations than getting some attention. It’s up to all of us to make good news.

Organizing a local WIDay initiative.

We very much welcome any local initiative or event that helps embrace innovation and ingenuity. Let us know what you are planning and how we could help best. We must stop thinking about the big innovation centers – instead, embracing ingenuity from wherever it happens.

Attracting other Champions and Volunteers

Help attract more Champions to help embrace innovation in your network and your country. It would also be amazing if you could attract volunteers who help you here and there spreading the word, getting you insights, and whatever else is helping to communicate what World Innovations Day is all about. And we follow the way all network effect is built: Champions recruit Champions

Suggest other ways to support the initiative

Ingenuity is when you break conventions and develop things nobody else did. And we are totally open to supporting that thinking even with this event. If you have any other ideas about supporting the program, still register as a supporter and let us know what you are up to.

Be part of an amazing worldwide team.