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The Strategic Value of Open Innovation

Today, companies need to be innovative and adaptable in order to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable competitive advantage. Open innovation is one of many approaches to achieving this strategic goal.

Live Recording from Thursday, March 11 2021


  1. What is open innovation (outside-in and inside-out)? How is it different from closed innovation?
  2. Why do companies pursue open innovation? What are the main benefits?
  3. Why and when to engage customers in the innovation process? How does Deep Innovation Design involve customers?
  4. What concerns companies about open innovation?
  5. The Open Innovation Paradox – How do you capture the value of open innovation?

Innovation Dream Team Builder

You don’t have a team of superstars yet? You will need it and we are sharing with you how to get it done.

Live Recording from Monday, December 7 2020


  1. Dream Teams Composition – The concept of the Neuro Ideation Method changed everything.
  2. Seven Key Cognitive Abilities – Nothing really super special, but all or nothing.
  3. Leader/Follower dynamic – It is amazing what a team can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.
  4. Entrepreneurial Aspects & Features – Why would most NOT start their own business? Even though, some will try.
  5. Motivation & Rewards – Innovation is a long term, multi-year game.
  6. Best Working Environment – It’s not the wooden startup desk – not even the game tables.
  7. Innovation Culture – Respect – Respect – Respect
  8. Interviews & Selection Process – Creative people want to be challenged not hired.

Innovation Financing

Growing fast and needing capital to grow further? Let us share stories on why some do it well but others fail.

Live Recording from Monday, November 2 2020


Reach for the stars – Just be courageous and become a risk taker.
What does it take to be investment ready? Get ready for bigger rounds – It’s all about innovation & growth:
  1. Innovator: Select your investor!
  2. Innovator: Be due diligence ready
  3. Innovator: Successes, Team, Ambition, Research
  4. Investor/CFO: Know what you want!
  5. Investor: Get familiar with capital needs

Customer Insights

Will your innovation withstand the ever more demanding needs of your customers? It’s a challenge for everybody – but let us share how the best are doing it.

Live Recording from Monday, October 5 2020


The initial value of an idea is zero . . . the entire value of an idea is created through execution.
  1. Customer Insights – Starting with Open Innovation
  2. The biggest fear – “MY” idea may get stolen
  3. Open Innovation – is when you involved your existing customer base
  4. Needs & Dream Discovery – Most customer related experiences is told by the customer

Expected Outcome – Get all the needs, challenges, fears and dreams from your innovation audience.

Deep Innovation Design

Want to turn an amazingly innovative idea into reality? We’ll help share techniques with you to make your dream a reality.

Live Recording from Monday, September 7 2020


The course of ideas is here…But we don’t even know how, when, why, can we influence it. Introducing the Innovation Journey Map – Starting with an opportunity discovery . . . finishing with a continuum.
  1. Innovation Opportunity Discovery Week
  2. Strategy Development
  3. Dream Team Assembly
  4. Needs & Dreams Discovery
  5. Neuro Ideation Method
  6. Idea Validation
  7. Innovation Financing
  8. Building, Implementing & Going to Market

Innovative Thinking

Want to become really innovative, with ground breaking concepts? You can actually learn this.

Live Recording from Monday, August 3 2020


We are composed of things . . . and so are our ideas. Two amazing discoveries, which fundamentally changes our understanding of innovation:

  • Whatever we can imagine – we can make. Because all the parts already exist!
  • Everybody can create amazing ideas. Because we all have millions of experience

Getting ready for groundbreaking innovation . . . Let’s get methodical.

Idea Validation

How good is your idea really? Do you know? Let us show you how to get the answer and even make a so-so-idea really great.

Live Recording from Monday, July 6 2020


Build what customers want – not what you think they should get! Top Client Feedback:

  • What problem would you solve?
  • What value would it be? How much?
  • What is we take it away?

Fundraising Training

You don’t need to learn how to make the greatest show – but learn to have the greatest impact. Investors are smart, sharp, fast. Don’t underestimate their intellect – even they don’t know what you do. Learn how to attract, not sell, because they will become a partner for the next seven or more years, the most critical time of your business life.

Live Recording from Wednesday, June 10 2020


10 must haves for fundraising success:

  1. Have an amazing team
  2. Have a bold vision –know where the market goes
  3. Have an innovative product
  4. Have a compelling business model
  5. Have a rock solid go-to-market strategy
  6. Positive customer/user sentiments online
  7. Have some initial revenue and growth projection
  8. Have your financial, plan, burn rate, clean cap table
  9. Know how much you are raising at what valuation
  10. Have a clear answer to the use of proceeds

Idea Seeker

Want to start a business but don’t have a good idea? Let us show you were the best ideas in the world came from. It’s easier than you may think.

Live Recording from Monday, May 4 2020


Where are great ideas coming from?

  • From your own experiences (problems)
  • From careful market observation & listening
  • From taking many perspectives (see opportunities)
  • Crafting a concept (initial value of an idea is zero)
  • Get ready to execute – the path to value and prosperity
  • Why even looking for an idea? It’s the ignition.