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The discussions about goals, measures, approaches and impact as well as impact value is almost a bigger topic than our core focus on solving whatever problem itself. As an NGO newbee we learned enough to raise that topic with others. Rather than leaving the chatter behind and ding “our thing” we see a need for collaboration in a different way – thinking different and organizing partnership different. Today most NGOs compete for donations, more than for new ideas to solve problems. And most giver NGOs put rather radically manufactured plans together to keep donors happy than finding better ways with donors to make the actual beneficiary happy.


More entrepreneurship, more innovation, more entrepreneurial support organizations, more innovation in non-profit organizations are all needed. You know that better than we. But as an organization that has innovation in its name and entrepreneurship in its DNA we may at least be the spark with a view out of the box ideas to make a change – for change makers. We believe the biggest opportunity lies in a radically different business model and in a rather different way to partner – also in the spirit of the SDG #17.


INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP – It appears that entrepreneurial spirit is a key “substance” to find new ways and new solutions. And innovation is equally necessary in support organizations, as it is in the business ideas in emerging countries to be able to successfully compete on global markets.

IMPACTLESS – We eradicated the word NGO from our website and any communication for a single reason: The negative connotation with our audience in developing countries. What NGOs sell as impact is not seen as impact by those we help. And what we try to achieve is almost impossible to do within the project frameworks from ost giver NGOs. Again in the end we are asked to make a shift.

NGO BUSINESS MODEL – The current business model, trying to do whatever is requested in any of the projects and delivering the necessary results – no matter how – is a disaster. It turns support organizations in service contractor who are not doing what their mission or vision stated but what the projects are looking for. That leads automatically not only to a certain degree of followership but most importantly to blind competition for projects – dissolving partnership if it is not requested. But in any case zero real partnership. We stepped off of that train before it took on speed.

OPTIONS – Most foundations and NGOs have a big picture vision from their founders, which have vanished away – impossible to follow under the above circumstances and impossible to do it without it. UNLESS foundations form new alliances that work with selected donating entities that are also willing to take a leap forward. The World Innovations Forum is driven by FOUNDERS who formed that vision and is not willing to sacrifice the vision for donations.

ALTERNATIVE BUSINESS MODEL – as a result of our experience we developed an alternative business model. Our work is to help those in need and in our special case those who could make a major change in the economic situation of their country but do neither have the funds nor the resources to make it happen. Many may see that crossing the borders of “charitable”. Maybe – so we have to decide whether we want to help nations get to prosperity and eradicate poverty, hunger, corrupt and all that is connected to poverty – or – we rethink our system all together.

ONE BILLION ACADEMICS IN A NON EXISTING JOB MARKET. That is the situation in just 5 years from now. They have only three options to go: Asia, Europe or North America. Unless we consider making innovative steps forward to wards a world where we help them contribute to the global GDP instead of just shifting it even further apart.

NO FINGER POINTING NOBODY GUILTY.  We invite you to join a discussion that looks into a future that is built on our presence and past. There are many good reasons why we are where we are. There is no bad guy and no miss management – there is exclusively learning.

We are simply looking for
partners for impact – not for projects

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