Credits System Overview

Thank you for your engagement

This table gives you insights how you can gain points from actions in the community

Instance Amount Limit
Points for site visit 10 -
Points for viewing a post 10 Maximum 10 times per day
Points for viewing a page 1 No limit
Points for being a member for a year 500 -
Points for logging in 10 Maximum 5 times per day
Points for new Post 100 Maximum 3 times per day
Points for new Page 5 No limit
Points for Approved Comment 20 No limit
Points for clicking on link to: %url% 10 -
Points for viewing video 10 -
Points for referring a visitor 50 Maximum once per day
Points for signing up. 100 Maximum once in total


You get points / credits for most activities in the community. The more active you are the more points you will receive.

For certain actions, like participating in trainings and programs, you will get extra points. They are the real boosters to get to the top.

We will share more details soon.

Thank you!!