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While most community cultures are evolving, the World Innovations Forum culture is driven by a few universal values that we want to maintain and go beyond just an online community – it is the overall culture of our foundation:

  • There is no idea too crazy or too bold.
  • We don’t question a possible solution, instead we look for ways to make it happen.
  • We share all our ideas and challenges with the entire community so that everybody maybe able to learn from everybody else.
  • We do not need and do not want any devils advocates – there are already millions available in any country and any culture.
  • We see competitive advantages in the way businesses execute their vision and serve global markets – not in the knowledge they may have.
  • We do not fear any size company that may copy your or our ideas – but we fear if nobody is interested in what you or we are doing.
  • When anyone develops a product or service, we make sure that we bring an added value to our future customers.
  • The vision for any of our businesses is to make the world a better place in the future.
  • Everything we do, is with a ecologically and socially sustainable awareness.
  • We would never laugh at somebody who has no clue, no experience, no courage. It is our purpose to help those to unfold their inner values and traits and help develop the necessary skills.

The World Innovations Forum community culture is obviously neither a religion nor a dictate  – it is simply the online model of an entrepreneurial culture a large group of entrepreneurs is seeking for. If anybody feels that they want a different culture, this community would simply be not a good match.