The idea of the World Innovations Forum Foundation was born from the activities in the Society3 Accelerator. There, startups have been supported, guided and trained to develop truly innovative ideas and disruptive business models, leading their businesses to top performance. The average external funding rate of teams who graduated from the program was above 50%. In 2015 the founder of Society3 was named one of the Top 100 globally most influential accelerators. From 2019 on forward, the accelerator program and the whole startup support initiatives for developing and emerging countries have been transferred from Society3 to the newly founded World Innovations Forum Foundation.

Society3 Group

Today, Society3 is focusing on solutions allowing enterprises and generally creativity focused businesses to develop groundbreaking innovation or concepts on demand. During four years of research and development, Society3 developed a unique Deep Innovation Design™ Model, with a unique NeuroIdiation™ method at its core.  With the Deep Innovation Design model, several methods have been developed, building a homogeneous process and leading to a Innovation Journey Map™. These new methods and techniques are now supported by a newly developed Innovation Management System (IMS). For the first time managers can manage a complete Innovation project, including the actual ideation process and allow top level executives to oversee the forthcoming of their innovation engagement. Knowhow and solutions will be available to all World Innovations Forum Members as a partner of Society3. See more.