Seeding Innovation 2020


In 2020 we will be bringing latest innovation techniques into emerging countries.

Innovative youth from emerging nations will dominate by 2038

In our quest to bring emerging / developing nations on eye-level with the developed world, we are inspiring the youth to engage in an entrepreneurial career. We help them understand what it means to be an entrepreneur, what it takes to build a company and what to consider growing and scaling such an enterprise. The investment in education in developing countries has been phenomenal. Now we need to help talented entrepreneurs to build businesses that creates massive amount of jobs to absorb the approximately 1 billion graduates that leave their Universities in the next few years. The young generation in Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya or Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Myanma, Vietnam, Indonesia or South Korea is eager to stand on their own feed and build a business of their own. In the next 20 years we expect the number of startups to be more than 100 times as big as in developed nations and the successful enterprises arising of that group 10 times as many as in the “west”. The “High Potential” nations represent a combined population of 4.5 billion, a market 15 times as big as the United States.

Embracing Latest Innovation Design Techniques

The founders of the World Innovations Forum Foundation have been innovative serial entrepreneurs and built multiple disruptive companies themselves. After forming a series of methods, techniques and tools, they help entrepreneurs in emerging countries to become deeply innovative and create disruptive businesses. “The only way to get developing countries on eye-level with developed nations is extreme innovation.” said Axel Schultze. The toolbox for Innovation Design includes several methods to stimulate innovative thinking, tools such as innovation process specific canvases and techniques to break down social, cultural or mental barriers to unleash the natural creativity homo sapiens has. Trainings, workshops and tools are provided for talented entrepreneurs to bring unique and disruptive ideas to live. Then shaping those ideas into business concepts, attracting top talents, building stellar teams, validating the ideas with the market they are addressing, building prototypes, re-evaluating the solution, pre-sale prototypes and raise capital to scale the businesses to global enterprises. The speed of the mobile market growth in Africa or the social selling market in Asia is a good indication of the markets ability to scale extremely fast.

Seeding Innovation 2020

The initiative “Seeding Innovation” leverages obviously innovation itself to bring out the ‘seeds’. The global and local hybrid effort is accelerating education and execution in those startups beyond any other method.

  • Webinars combined with local discussen rounds
  • Innovation Design Education based on latest neuroscience discoveries
  • Online workshops with local guidance
  • Hands on innovation development with weekly update meetings
  • Remote mentorship augmented with local mentors
  • Foreign capital supporting or matching local investors
  • Global resources working with the local ecosystems

The stream of support and the organization model, how support is provided, is empowering teams for fast executing, lowest cost involved and highest impact as outcome. This is not an experiment but a proven technique we successfully used now for 5 years. Unlike most development aid that is focusing on micro businesses, we are focusing exclusively on building major companies – because only they can hire thousands of employees.

Amazing Ideas are evolving

From our recent accelerator programs amazing ideas emerged. A company from Cambodia developing an end to end ecommerce return operation. Returns has been the biggest challenge for e-commerce shops around the globe.  And they developed a highly innovative unique solution which will create thousands of jobs and contribute to the Cambodian GDP. Another great concept is currently evolving in South Korea, working on an innovative way to reduce Food Waste. They are currently adding hundreds of vendors per week and add thousands of consumers. Yet another innovative business in Vietnam is working on the next generation business communication for enterprises, making the intra company communication far easier. A Nepal based robotics company is merging robotics and AI in a way that it solves information collection in an innovative way and already began to export their robots even to the US. While all these companies are startups and under the radar of the global economy. They will grow as fast as any Silicon Valley company and be in the spotlight by 2025 – but by the hundreds.

Unfold innovations from the emerging world

Innovation is not just creating ideas. The value of even the most innovative concept is absolutely zero. Innovation is making the idea a reality, and most importantly making that reality available to millions of people. Idea is only the first step in an entire innovations paradigm. Seeding innovation means seeding the whole concept of a full circle process from idea to global markets, the understanding how to create repeatedly innovative and sustainable solutions and the strategies to reach global markets. Combined with a unified investment power from global investors will unfold an innovation stream over the next 20 years that we have not seen before.


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