Helping entrepreneurs in emerging and early developing countries to build local businesses, create jobs, exporting their goods and build and initiate sustainable prosperity for their country.

What we are looking for

PROJECT VOLUNTEERS (In all countries)
* Project Director (each project)
* Partner Relations specialist
* Outreach specialist
Volunteers can easily rotate jobs

PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS (In all countries)
* Program Director (each program)
* Program instructors / trainer
* Program Campaign Specialist
Volunteers can easily rotate jobs

* Member & Community Director
* Member relations specialist
* Community development specialist
Volunteers can easily rotate jobs

RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS (In all countries)
* Research Project Manager
* Researcher
* Research compilation and production
* Research communication specialist

* Events Director
* Events coordinator
* Outreach coordinator

* Communications Director
* Media & Public Relations Director
* Outreach Coordinator
* Social Media Specialist
* Video & Podcast Producer
* Presentation producer
* Government relations specialist
* Investor relations Specialist

* Administration Officer
* Membership Associate
* Finance and bookkeeping coordinator
* Human Talents Director
* Team Recruiting specialist

Please apply for volunteership

The world Innovations Forum is a non profit organization, driven by volunteers. We are very grateful for any helping hand in our young organization. We are looking for mover and shaker who help make a difference for young entrepreneurs who build our future.

Helping is not necessarily looking for a return. However there are benefits you may enjoy very much:
* You will get deeply connected with the Innovation Space all over the world.
* You will get connected to investors, government representatives and many supporters of the innovation space.
* You will get a certificate for your volunteership.
* If travel is involved we will pay for all expenses.
* The biggest reward however is seeing your own work having an impact in a global scale – realizing there is no person ‘small’ enough to not have significant impact.

Countries we are looking for volunteers:

Developing and emerging countries:
Africa: Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda
Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
Eastern Europe: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia
Lat. America: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Peru

Developed partner countries:
Germany, Netherlands,  Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, USA

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