Instead trying to help 3 Billion people from 75 countries – help 1,500 innovative minds to build their own economy

Since 40 years, developed countries are trying to help a rapidly growing number of people to survive. Yet only achieve very little success. We radically change the paradigm and help a small number of ingenious entrepreneurs to build their own economy..


Becoming a World Innovations Forum Volunteer

Since more than 50 years, the developed world is helping less developed countries by donating money. In a large portion of the world, even though donations have been increased, poverty has risen. In many cases due to corruption or bad management or due to the fact that we actually educated societies how to receive donation and failed to educate them how they can become autonomous.

We decided to get to the root of all prosperity: innovation & entrepreneurship. Germany’s prosperity is based on ideas from a handful of people such as Carl Benz, Robert Bosch, Max Plank, Hans Liebherr, Friedrich Krupp and several others. Silicon Valley’s prosperity is based on a hand full of people who founding Fairchild, Intel, HP, Sun and a few others. South Korea’s recent growth, is mainly shouldered by 3 former startups: Hyundai, LG and Samsung.

If we can stimulate only 10 entrepreneurs in countries like Albania, Bosnia, Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Peru, and work with investors to fund them, work with governments to create the legal and taxation base for them to grow, supporters to provide all the help they need, they can do what just two decades ago happened in countries like South Korea, Germany, the US and others like them. Our experience with thousands of startups has helped us understand, there are very smart and agile people in any country around the planet. And we don’t need more than 20 such entrepreneurs to change a country of 20 Million or so.

Together we can bring ANY country that desires to become an industrialized and prosper nation, on eye-level with others. Because there is a handful of smart entrepreneurs in every society on earth. Today they leave their country and move elsewhere. Tomorrow, we hope we can have helped build an innovations ecosystem that inspires them to stay and help their country to thrive.

Join the World Innovations Forum and support our core objectives :
– Improving education for young entrepreneurs.
– Helping build local innovation ecosystems.
– Helping fast growing businesses to go global and drive export.
– Attracting and supporting more female entrepreneurs.
– Motivating more investors to invest in fast growing foreign businesses.
– Helping innovative companies to be attractive to the next generation of talents.
– Helping governments building the necessary infrastructure.
– Even helping developed countries, not losing momentum and falling behind.

1) Events, helping organize and manage events.
2) Social media. You can help spreading the word, share and communicate.
3) Relationship management. Maybe help keeping relationships with entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, associations, governments
4) Communicating. If you can write blog post, create podcasts, or interview people, making videos and so forth you would be a huge help.
5) Researcher. Help do a research project and get information about certain topics so our entrepreneurs get valuable information to run their business.
6) Administration. As an organization there is always work in the ‘back office’, from program coordination, membership management, bookkeeping, paperwork and countless other things.

The world Innovations Forum is a non profit organization, driven by volunteers. We are very grateful for any helping hand in our young organization. We are looking for mover and shaker who help make a difference for young entrepreneurs who build our future.

Helping is not necessarily looking for a return. However there are benefits you may enjoy very much:
* You will get deeply connected with the Innovation Space all over the world.
* You will get connected to investors, government representatives and many supporters of the innovation space.
* You will get a certificate for your volunteership.
* If travel is involved we will pay for all expenses.
* The biggest reward however is seeing your own work having an impact in a global scale – realizing there is no person ‘small’ enough to not have significant impact.

Please apply to join

Countries we are currently looking for volunteers:

Austria, Bosnia, France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US (California), and Vietnam.

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* Country Officer
* Ambassador relations Director
* Administration Officer
* Community Service Coordinator
* Membership Associate
* Finance and bookeeping coordinator
* Nominations Director
* Donor Relations Director
* Fudraising Director

* Human Talents Officer
* Team Recruiting specialist
* Volunteers attraction specialist
* Volunteers on-boarding specialist
* Volunteer Coordinator

* Member & Community Officer
* Member Service Director
* Community Director
* Community Planning Specialist
* Community development Specialist
* Community development associate
* Member relations Director
* Member relations specialist
* Partner Relations Director
* Partner coordinator
* Partner program specialist

* Communications Officer
* Outreach coordinator
* Events coordinator
* Initiatives Coordinator
* Program coordinator
* Media coordinator
* Fundraising coordinator
* Outreach Coordinator
* Outreach Specialist Social Media
* Outreach Specialist Events
* Outreach Specialist Initiatives
* Video producer
* Podcast producer
* Presentation producer
* Fundraising specialist
* Public Relations Director
* Media relations Specialist
* Government relations specialist
* Investor relations Specialist
* Lobbyist

* Initiatives Officer
* Initiative Director (each initiative)
* Initiatives Specialist
* Research specialist
* Campaign specialist
* Content coordinator
* Program coordinator
* Outreach coordinator

* Programs Officer
* Insights coordinator
* Program Director (each program)
* Program Research Specialist
* Programs Specialist
* Program instructors
* Program producer
* Campaign specialist
* Content coordinator
* Outreach coordinator
* Research coordinator
* Research specialist

* Events Officer
* Events coordinator
* Venue relations specialist
* Speaker relations specialist
* Event Program specialist
* Event logistics specialist
* Outreach coordinator