World Innovations Day April 21


Let us celebrate all those excellent and innovative startup entrepreneurs from around the world!

In the last eight years, we had the pleasure, working with hundreds of startups, attended and organized entrepreneur events, saw more than 200 Startup Pitch Events, Demo Days, Techdays, Exhibitions across the globe. We have seen top talents in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Cambodia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Nepal, Switzerland, France, Germany, Japan, or South Korea, and we had guests in our events from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda or Mexico, Peru, Chile, and many other countries. 

Listening to more than 1000 Founders, who shared their ideas, concepts, and dreams, we learned a lot about one of the biggest challenges ALL ENTREPRENEURS have, no matter where they come from, “Reaching out to the world” and going global.

Hence we came up with the idea to acknowledge all entrepreneurs one day in all our busy lives and support them with sharing their innovative solutions. 

Let’s think about it: Everything we humans built, tables chairs, houses, tools, wells, knives, boats, cars, airplanes, lamps, ovens, all the way to the internet has been brought to market by entrepreneurs.

Give them a global round of applause on April 21.

And to make them hear it, we all could do a few easy things:

Let’s use the hashtag #widay for World Innovations Day

  • Post about your favorite entrepreneur in your neighborhood #widay
  • Or share cool stories from your friends #widay
  • If you know about any great startup in your town, share their story #widay
  • Somebody with a promising concept of how to deal with corona – share it #widay
  • You know somebody with a bright idea that did not get through – it was worth trying. Failure is nothing bad. #widay

Share it – lets spread the word about Innovations with the #widay hashtag – and join our group on Facebook

Let us know if you have a great blog post; we can syndicate your post on the #widay dedicated blog at the World Innovations Forum. 

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