2nd World Innovations Forum Conference

Expecting 2,000 attendees from over 40 countries.
Zero CO² emission, zero travel, zero expenses, top insights, top knowhow transfer, and networking too.


3-Day all online event

June 23 – 25, 2020


– Entrepreneurs & Corporate Innovators

– Investors, Angels and VCs

– Mentors, Co-working Spaces, Service Providers

– Corporate innovation executives

– Universities and Business Schools

– Governments

– Members and Guests (free account)

– Local WIForum Ambassadors, Teams and Volunteers

– Anybody interested in innovation and its development


Insights into the global “status quo” and “quo vadis” of innovation.

– Shift from the 1 Billion developed nation population to 6 billion rapidly emerging country population, needs and dreams, opportunities and challenges? The new lands of opportunity.

– Neuroscience discoveries and new ideation methods grow very fast. Deep Innovation Design, Neuro-ideation, innovation acceleration will help bring emerging markets faster to prosperity and becoming a developed nation.

– How young entrepreneurs from emerging countries innovate and think. Why they may build the future for all of us.

– How to finance innovative startups in emerging nations? Opportunities and risks in startup investments.

– Women consider stopping ‘female’ entrepreneurship – “We are entrepreneurs, period”.

– How the upcoming generation of roughly 1 billion graduates from emerging nations from around the world will stand in front of a non existing local job market and venture into the global industry space?

– Global talent shortage – yes or no?

– Our Strategy: We wants to inspire and work with top entrepreneurs from selected developing nations, to bring their respective countries to prosperity and independence by the end of this decade.

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