Country Engagement

We are actively approaching or already engaging in selected developing or emerging countries. The following list shows the countries we are currently focusing on.

Developing and Emerging Countries
Africa (7)
Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda

Asia (7)
Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Eastern Europe (6)
Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia

Latin America (5)
Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru

Our engagement is with several specific groups

Providing all the necessary inspiration, guidance, innovative thinking training, accelerator programs, access to capital very similar to our own training in Silicon Valley.

Local Investors
Providing the necessary connections to international investors to learn from each other, inspiration, guidance and best practices when selecting to invest, performing a due diligence and helping the investees grow.

Being available as a sparring partner, exploring best options to stimulate an innovation ecosystem, attract foreign capital, motivate innovative thinking and providing the infrastructure, legislation and taxation for growing innovative businesses in the country

Working with Universities for collaborative innovation projects, international student exchange, teaching innovation and innovative thinking and best prepare students for possible entrepreneurship.

Working with Mentors, Co-Working Spaces, Accelerators, Incubators, Event Organizers, Technology- and Service Providers, and other innovation enablers on how to best support any local innovation eco-system.

Developed Countries
We are present in the following countries where we help foreign startups to thrive are have foreign startups to visit, learn and return. These innovative nations are also acting as a bar to compare others with. In a globalized world, all nations compete on one level.

Germany, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, USA


We are continuously looking for volunteers for any of those countries we support as well as for our HQ team in Zürich, Switzerland.

If you like to learn more, please visit our volunteers page: