As we evolve as an organization we are constantly looking trying to understand which of the emerging countries has the biggest need in expanding their economy and increase prosperity. At the same time we are open to engage in projects from developed countries that run the risk to lose their position as a developed country in the next 20 years.

Developing and emerging countries:
Asia (now)
Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam
Eastern Europe (now)
Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia
Africa (starting 2020)
Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, S. Africa
Latin America (starting 2021)
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay

Developed partner countries:
Germany, Netherlands,  Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, USA

Is your country not on the list?

We are more than happy to evaluate more countries. Here is what we would like you to provide us:

* Country name (Must be one of the List of sovereign states)
* Your name, professional background (you must be born in the country you like us to review)
* URLs to three innovative startups plus LinkedIn profile of the founders
* URL and contact person of a local angel investor group
* URL to a co-working space and contact information to reach the manager
* List of potential local sponsors
* Suggestions for local individuals who may become the World Innovations Forum Ambassador in your country
* Give us an idea about the entrepreneurs scene in your country most importantly if it is possible for individuals to found a company, own it and freely trade their ownership.

Please email us
Thank you very much.