Country Ambassador Application

Ambassadors are so to say the highest order in our organization, taking care of all country relevant matters.

We have had an amazingly successful start and are now looking to expand. In 2020 we are planning to expand our work in these countries and are looking for ambassadors:

Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand
Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda
Latin America
Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru

We are looking for very motivating, entrepreneurial individuals who can donate approximately 5 hours a week or more. Our Ambassadors must be born and live in the country they are ambassador for and must be highly involved in the local startup scene. The ambassador is typically either managing a co-working space or incubator or is a retired successful entrepreneur. We are looking for highly connected individuals who can immediately build a network of supporters or volunteers.

As a member driven non profit organization, we are all volunteers and only maintain a small staff of employees in our HQ. We are looking for mover and shaker who help make our very ambitious goal a reality: prosperity for all nations. The ambassadors position is a volunteers position and as such ambassadors are not paid for their work.

Our work is focused on stimulating self propelled economies, so that every country becomes independent, self sufficient and on eye level with all other nations.

Ambassador Application

Where do you work and can you perform the ambassadors job without conflict of interest?
Are you engaged in any kind of incubation, acceleration, co-working space, investment or mentorship?

We will respond to you as quickly as possible, but please allow a few days.

Ambassador Responsibilities

The ambassador is our official representative in each country. He or she is the first go-to point and builds and manages a team of dedicated topic champions and volunteers.

Team Building

Building a team of min. 7 volunteers with dedicated interests:
* Entrepreneurs, corporate innovation labs relations (Innovator Champion)
* Mentors, Investors, Coworking Space relations (Enabler Champion)
* Event organizer (Event Champion)
* Social media networker (Social Media Champion)
* Writer / photographer / blogger (Content Champion)
* Researcher (Research Champion)
* General administration support (Organization Champion)
NOTE: You may not need experts here. Hungry and intelligent students figure it out quickly

Community Building

* Organizing World Innovations Forum Meetups
* Continuously aggregating innovation stories from your country
* Engaging the community in the various initiatives and programs
NOTE: This should be done almost exclusively by the volunteers.


* Relationship building with the government, academia, corporations, associations, other innovation focused organizations, influencer and so forth
* Keeping the organization focused on our mission to help getting all nations create innovation and entrepreneurship based prosperity and get on eye-level with each other.
* Achieving the long term goal to eradicate poverty.

If that resonates with you, please apply and we will have a conference call to start with.