Eradicating Poverty

Instead of trying to help 3 Billion people from the 75 poorest countries to survive, we decided we want to focus on 1,500 innovative minds, the 20 best from each country to build their own self propelled economy.

Since more than 50 years, the developed world is helping less developed countries by donating money. In a large portion of the world, even though donations have been increased, poverty has risen. In many cases due to corruption or bad management or due to the fact that we actually educated societies how to receive more donation and failed to educate them how they can become autonomous. In those poorest countries the main innovation is to find better ways to increase the level of donations.

It’s not about a possible waste of money – the old model is simply not sustainable when the population is growing as fast as it does.

We – the World Innovations Forum leadership team – decided to split the world into two groups: Those who desire to bring their country to more prosperity and industrialization and those who decided to continue live their lives as their past generations did. There are countless tribes and even nations who just do not want to enter into a “developed life”. We see this even as part of some developed countries like the Amish in the United States. We feel nobody should have the right or ambition to force them into “our way of living”.

For those who are interested in rapidly evolving and catching up with the developed world, we see a chance to help them build their own economy from the ground up themselves and with their own ideas. By working with literally thousands of startups from around the planet we saw brilliant entrepreneurs from Ghana, Kenya, Nepal, Bosnia and pretty much any country. Today they leave their country and let a nation behind with no way of getting their innovation potential in order.

Whether it was Silicon Valley in the 1960’s, Germany in the mid/late 1800’s or recently South Korea after the year 2000, all innovative countries have the same pattern: An astounding small number of entrepreneurs started the innovation era in the respective country. All those nations were open to let them do their experimentation and had investors one way or the other to finance their growth. And if capital was not locally available FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) have been possible. The real wealth in all those countries have been driven be their ability to create a solid brand and then export into any conceivable market.

Based on our learning, we decided to embark on a mission to help build innovation ecosystems, train and select the best possible innovators and help them build a brand and export their solutions as good as humanly possible. To help finance their  growth, we started to build a global investor network and also work with local investors to invest through those top talents until they are globally successful. We focus on helping develop some handful of global minded entrepreneurs of the likes of Benz, Intel or Samsung. Rather than remotely trying to help billions of people, we are trying to build up an economy that is strong enough to help their population themselves.

We believe for the next 15 years we still need development aid organizations who help in immediate support cases. At the same time, the World Innovations Forum is trying to create the basis for any country that wants to grow into prosperity. While doing so we help develop the next generation entrepreneurship that makes those countries self sufficient down the road. By 2035, we envision that all nations are on eye-level with each other and have similar levels of prosperity.



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