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What’s about the 007?

Only 0.007% of humans are successful entrepreneurs

With approximately 0.007% of humans being successful entrepreneurs, 99.993% do something else or are trying with no success. There are about 30,000 different top talents amongst humans. Some are more popular like being an amazing cook or baker, others are rarer like people with Eidetic memory or synesthesia. with 30,000 different talents, interests, and aptitudes and roughly 5 Billion adults living on earth, it is only 160,000 different focus areas. The hardest part, in the life of a modern human, is to find out their top talent, biggest dream, and most likely success pattern. Our education systems don’t even touch on those questions because in the past 800 years the rulers focused on educating and developing either warriors or workers. There are more doctors, makers, piano builders, home construction companies, and so forth than entrepreneurs. But there are even fewer car manufacturers, exceptional chiropractic unique artists, and so forth than entrepreneurs.

Whatever you do in life – make sure you find the 1 of the ~30,000 talent options that is your perfect talent match.

Entrepreneurs are usually rule-breakers. In order to invent something really new, they must leave behind what is existing today. And the first rule they typically break is to accept that our education, graduations, and certifications are of any importance. An ever-growing number of entrepreneurs are drop-offs. They leave behind the “Worker or Warrior” style education and educate themselves. But be careful, if you want to follow a different of the other 29,999 talents, you may want to learn as much as you can, visit a university and then start working on your dream. it’s not black and white. There are 30,000 shades of gray.

1) Make the reverse assessment: what do you definitely don’t want to do.
2) From the things you consider find out what holds you to not do it? UNcertainty – then don’t do it.
3) You have some ideas but they are not what your parents and friends believe you should do? Consider them as a top priority!
4) You have some other ideas but they seem to not make money? Consider them as a top priority too!
5) Play with those top priorities and list to your gut instincts – turn off your brain.

If Entrepreneur is the only thing in life that could make you utterly happy – check out the 007 test :)

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Would you start with no money at all?
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