Typically, Co-Working Spaces, Incubators, Accelerators, Mentors, Universities, Technology Providers, Service Providers and voluntary innovation and entrepreneurship supporter.

What we are looking for

We are looking for ecosystem stakeholder who have a high interest in collaborating with others, locally and internationally and learn as fast as possible to build a viable and vibrant innovation ecosystem.

How we work

We work with all partners in a moderator role rather an instructor role. While we can share success stories and experiences from a global perspective, we have a strong tendency to drive self-propelling engagements rather than outside influence. We are experiencing the dilemma and major deficiencies from western education systems and rather pointing to risks to just take them literally into many countries. We mainly work by igniting new ideas and stimulating the execution of such ideas.

We also collaborate with our Enabler Partners when we organize events, workshops, activities, campaigns locally or globally.

What we consider success

The ultimate and only goal we have is to see the nation we work with turning into a recognized developed country. Success, working with enablers is to build the best possible ecosystem for the respective country, it’s culture and available resources.


Please register here to join us as a free member of the World Innovations Forum and with the account that is created, register as an “Enabler” so we can connect you with the best person in our organization and have a personal conversation.