Game changers for impact

We have a simple and clear vision: Prosperity for all nations. And an equally simple mission: Empowering eager and highly motivated entrepreneurs around the world to build successful businesses, create jobs and prosperity for their respective nation.  Imagine you focus on accelerating opportunities for people developing a new economy within their own culture and with their own ingenuity – not controlled by foreign nations.

Local Program Managers

For our presence in South Saharan Africa, South East Asia and Latin America, we are looking for local program managers for each continent. The only continent where we already decided where to go is Asia, Saigon, Vietnam. Africa and Latin America we are still open.

Your main responsibility is to ensure the support for the innovators in the respective countries on each continent. You will want to attract mentors, investors and volunteers in the regions. You will be collaborating with our local ambassadors, government representatives, universities and volunteers to organize events and programs. You will be involved in selecting highly potent entrepreneurs that will become top of class business leaders in their respective country, growing and creating a significant amount of jobs and conducting successful businesses globally.

You are born and raised on the continent you are engaging.
You are a networker and easily attract the required people and talents
You understand the local cultures and differences

Your skills & experiences:
– You know startups, incubators, co-working spaces
– Organizational skills, organizing events, partnerships, initiatives
– Mentoring skills, helping entrepreneurs thrive
– Top communication skills
– Training and education skills
– Financial planning & reporting skills
– Our business and office language is English only

Your mindset:
– Helping others becoming successful
– Openness, transparency, sharing
– Everything is possible – not even the sky’s the limit
– Doing whatever it takes to bring prosperity to your nations

– Stimulating one of the biggest humanitarian engagements
– Unfolding an initiative that is rewarding like almost no other
– Unique job opportunity for a major purpose
– Global engagement with a highly entrepreneurial spirit
– Learn everything about our global economy
– Autonomous work style
– Flexible work hours
– Home office options

Purpose: Create and manage programs with the highest possible impact. Making the impossible a reality and materialize the vision and objectives of the forum.

Start Date
Asia: Ideally Nov, 2019
Africa: Ideally March, 2020
Latin America: Ideally July, 2020

Apply for this position
No CV needed. We don’t care too much about your scores and grades. Instead we care most about your mindset, your thinking, your dreams and why working for the World Innovations Forum would be your ultimate dream job.

Please apply here

Again – NO resumes please. We are more interested in YOU :)
Your online profiles speak more than 1,000 words. If you feel uncomfortable disclosing them – we may just not be a good match for you in general. If any of our requirements or questions do not comply with the law of your country, or you feel uncomfortable to answer, please do not apply.

Career Details

All mentioned positions are full time – this is not a project.

Our culture is the biggest asset in becoming successful. Therefor, we are determined to value our common culture above the skills of any individual. We expect our team to support our philosophy and our team spirit.

– You will never get a reward for taking – but maybe for giving
– The future is the only time period we can influence
– Responsibility is not given to you until you take it
– Speed is more important than perfection
– You’re most important when you help others become successful

We are a very active and engaged organization. We all work with our vision in mind – as good as we can. At the World Innovations Forum, no idea is too crazy, there are no dumb questions – only impolite answers, we think big – even the stars are no longer the limits, we are not looking to hire ‘devils advocates’ but very open minded and super positive people. Are we dreamers? We don’t think so – but we are only limited by the reality – not by other people.

We are a DREAM TEAM because everybody selected their dream job. You are not only helping build the foundation of the WIF team, you can even help shape our organization.

Our local offices, from the countries we are active are typically in one of the co-working spaces. We are currently establishing our continental presence for Africa, Asia and Latin America. The offices will be in one of the respective countries.

Our main office (HQ) is in the center of Zürich, we are 2 min from the lake and 3 min from the opera. We are located at Färberstrasse 6 in the 7th floor (last floor). Public transportation is around the corner and there is a public garage space in the building. Restaurants and shops (any shop) are in walking distance.