From Idea to IPO


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Getting more innovative companies to IPO

As often mentioned, billions of € / $ are invested in innovation / inventions, yet far too many failed showing economic successes. Our focus to improve that situation has a high goal: Getting more innovative companies to IPO. Innovators, startups, corporate innovation labs, need much better education, mentorship, and building better business models to attract international customers.

WIF – is determined to double innovation success rate, helping overcome those challenges with accelerator programs, mentorship from its members and making it easier to go global than ever before imaginable.

ACTIONS – Initially we are assembling a global mentor network of mentors with entrepreneurial background or very specialized subject matter experts from the various industries to help entrepreneurs or corporate intrapreneurs to accelerate. We are working on bringing the existing accelerator program into the countries to be run locally. Together with local investors and working with them on investment strategies and what they are looking for, we will build the infrastructure to develop highly competitive and globally accessible innovation.

OBJECTIVE – The result of this initiative is to help make significantly more young entrepreneurs successful and eventually IPO their company. With that we also want to make a clear statement that creating a startup and a no matter how highly innovative product is of no value to the respective society if it cannot be sold across the world.

Angels Unlimited


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Enabling Angels to invest in much larger scale

There is a growing interest in investing in the next business there is still a variety of obstacles. One being the limitation in investing globally in promising international companies. The legal, taxation and distance barriers are far too high to take the risk. In accordance to our research, simpler contracts, easy to understand taxation and local co-investors would be required to break down those barriers. Another obstacle is that there is still too little exchange among investors that not only gives investors better insights into successful investment strategies, also entrepreneurs would largely benefit when working with more experienced investors.

WIF – is organizing a workgroup of investors, lawyers and tax advisers to helping to make legal constraints and tax situations from selected countries more transparent and develops unified agreement in English language which can be used to more easily invest in foreign startups

WIF – members are coordinating a more regular exchange among investors and help gather insights in the workings of Angel Investors across the world.

OBJECTIVE – Making Angel Investors and VCs more successful, which has a direct influence on the success of the entrepreneurs and may attract even more investors.

1) Helping organize global online meetings, so that investors get a broad perspective of the global investment scene.
2) Organizing and moderating investor meet-ups locally, stimulating a deeper exchange among investors.
3) Aggregating needs, challenges, ideas, suggestions, success stories from all investor members from the World Innovations Ecosystem to redistribute the findings to all members.
4) Organizing webinars with investors who have a very high success rate and share their insights.
5) Creating additional programs and ideas that work towards the initiative objectives.

It’s a Talents World


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Helping businesses of all sizes finding top talents in 2019

At present time there is a huge shortage of top talents in Europe and some Asian countries. Those talents are sought after by corporate innovation labs as well as fast growing startups. The World Innovations Forum was asked for help in this matter.

WIF – and its members will put a program together that will help matching foreign talents with the respective countries and vice versa. The program will include initiatives during events and other activities to make members and guest aware of the opportunities.

WIF – will also work with corporate and startup teams, as well as education partners to develop special engagement activities to faster connect supply and demand.

ACTIONS – Together with corporate talent scouts, universities and the various organizations for innovators we are making some space in our events to meet and find top talents. We also make it very easy to identify globally active businesses to be found by top talents and vice versa.

OBJECTIVE – It is in the interest of all of our members to help people find a best matching job for them and find best matching talents for businesses (small or large) quickly.

One Space – One World


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Building a global coworking space partner network

Most of the best coworking spaces are local, with no intention to grow and risk their pole position and quality. On the other hand, highly mobile entrepreneurs struggle to easily find a quality coworking space in other countries ideally with a similar service they experience in their home base.

WIF – is organizing to connect top coworking spaces with each other, building a global network of similar top-quality organization. The “one space – one world” program shall help coworking spaces be more global, yet local.

ACTIONS – We are working with Coworking spaces around the world to identify the most sought after needs from entrepreneurs when it comes to office space and incubation. And we do the same for corporate innovation labs who need to leave the protective and overly organized corporate offices to start something new. Programs will be developed and distributed for those organizations, entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. who seek to develop the next generation of collaborative office environment.

OBJECTIVE – Making it easy for all innovation stakeholder to find an office space wherever they go. Providing our members a program that they find a well supportive infrastructure in each of these locations to be nearly uninterrupted productive.

Government Reloaded


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Governments collaborate on new tech policies globally.

In the past year we experienced the challenge of governments for instance for instance to put an AI strategy together and compare notes with their peers in other countries. A global mega shift like AI can no longer be managed in isolation. And in our upcoming Innovations Age we will quickly see more and more very different but similar challenges demanding at least in part global solutions.

Another segment where we see a big need for improvement is in capital market regulations. Stock exchanges are completely incapable today to satisfy the needs of up and comping businesses and their IPOs. Share Certificates have been invented to allow the broader public participating in the long-term success of the businesses. Today we are further away from that idea than ever before. Instead of holding stocks 5 years or longer like a few decades ago, today, the average hold time is anywhere between 20 and 40 seconds! Those who where supposed to  benefit, do no longer. Instead, daytrader extract millions from the economy each day with a tiny fraction of work – and it is legal. There is a necessity to either rethink the purpose and function of stock exchanges and take corrective actions – or embrace alternative platforms and rules for public offerings and trading.

WIF – is organizing a global tech policy council to get all relevant stakeholder together for very fast exchange and individual execution. We are not even trying to initiate globally homogeneous policies – but at least a valuable enough exchange to ensure policies that are not orthogonal to each other.

ACTIVITIES – Initially we are assembling a team of stakeholder to formulate the necessary actions to facilitate the exchange between government representatives. As we progress we will involve the necessary resources from all stakeholder to collaborate without building political fronts.

OBJECTIVE – Government representatives of all participating countries maintain a relationship with each other, in particular on new and upcoming technology development so policies for one country can benefit from policies of another country already during its development. The ever more substantial developments like Artificial Intelligence, autonomous Machines, Smart Material, Human Body Augmentation, represent huge challenges for governments to develop policies that protects its population but at the same time does not block the necessary progress of its country.

Global Initiatives

The idea behind WIF Initiatives

As a global group of innovative minds, it is our interest that innovation is possible in all nations and can drive equal prosperity. To fulfill this overarching objective we are focusing our energy and resources on most needed or most helpful initiatives.

  1. Initiatives can be supported by everybody
  2. Initiatives are often accompanied by programs
  3. Initiatives are continuously discussed on events
  4. Initiatives continuously aggregate latest information and share it
  5. Initiatives involve usually all innovation stakeholder
  6. Initiatives always drive improvement for the greater good
  7. Initiatives always cater towards our overarching vision:
    Making prosperity possible in all nations by accelerating entrepreneurship and innovation, leading to autonomous self propelled economies from within the respective nation. It will sustainably eradicate hunger and poverty.

Creating awareness for important topics


If you find the initiative interesting, worth to support or you are actually one of the stakeholder in the topic, please join.


  • As simple as helping spread the word.
  • As an expert contributing know how, advice or guidance
  • Help with research to find more details or evidence
  • Help with working on campaigns
  • Support the initiative by sharing it in your organization
  • Identifying people or organizations who need our support
  • As a sponsor you may help finance the initiative
  • As somebody responsible in respective organizations collaborate


Absolutely. Every supporter is more than welcome. Just let us know that you can not help right now but like to show your sympathy for the initiative.


Every Initiative as an objective. We try hard with the resources, network, funding, influence and experience to achieve the respective goal in the interest of the community.


Shaping the initiatives

As a World Innovations Forum member you may want to help shape the initiatives, help carry them out in your country, or create even more programs that can support the initiatives. By working on the initiatives, adding your own experience and knowledge you are helping shape the future on Innovation. The one who created the automobile shaped the world of transportation. The one who invented the MP3 format, shaped the world of music distribution, and so forth. There are always only a few who “put a dent in the universe” maybe we shape the world of innovations because we pull in many more shaping our future.

Supporting any initiative is voluntarily and you can leave any time.

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