The World Innovations Forum Foundation (WIForum) is an independent, Swiss based foundation. The founders of our organization envisions a world in which prosperity is possible for all nations through innovation and entrepreneurship. Our goal was influenced by research indicating that most developed countries evolved out of poverty because a few genius entrepreneurs developed highly innovative solutions such as the automobile, modern banking, jet engines, computers, and more. These products eventually turned their respective nations into prosperous economies. We identify entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries and stimulate them to fulfill their dreams, create jobs and bring prosperity to their countries. We provide unique innovation development programs, Investment & Mentor networks (FDI), policy guidance and ecosystem stimulation programs. We do not bring technology or special expertise rather we offer programs that include universally accepted entrepreneurship knowledge. We collaborate with Entrepreneurs Groups, Investor Networks, Universities, Governments, Ecosystem Enablers, Corporate Supporter and NGOs with the goal to help build self propelled economies through local entrepreneurs. Our foundation has a profound impact on the global society by creating a system that will eradicate poverty in all participating nations that chose to create a self propelled economy.

“Instead of asking the question, how we can help from the outside to get three billion people out of poverty, we decided to focus on supporting local innovative minds, in building their own economy from inside any given country”

-Axel Schultze, Chairman of World Innovations Forum Foundation

We envision a world where prosperity is possible in all nations, through innovation and entrepreneurship – created within each country.


    In our research, we discovered that most of the developed countries rose out of poverty too. Innovation and Entrepreneurship, as well as foreign investment, had a key role in their success. We are uniquely focused on identifying entrepreneurs with disrupting ideas, weaving modern distributed enterprises with their peers, creating large number of jobs an a self propelled economy.
    Instead of focusing on the question, how to help 3.5 Billion individuals from the outside, we developed a unique way of working with local and smart entrepreneurs, building their national economy from the inside. Similar to the founding fathers of most developed nations.
    With our uniquely data driven understanding of economic development and our unique entrepreneurship programs, we crafted a model that achieves a 5x Impact effectiveness. In other words, we can reach the state of a self propelled economies in less than 20 years. Starting in 2020 we can reach prosperity by 2038 instead of 2110.


In order to fulfill our vision, take the future development of industries in consideration, the changing needs of modern humans and achieve our mid term objectives t help eradicate poverty, we decided the following approach:

  • We help entrepreneurs create bold ideas, by providing methodical training for “Innovative Thinking”, “Disruptive Modelling”  and rapid realization, bringing the solution to global markets as fast as possible.
  • We do not bring technology or experts to build what may be needed but inspire entrepreneurs to create what they think works in the country
  • We motivate entrepreneurs to specialize and collaborate with other businesses in order to compete on a global scale – instead of building corporate monsters with 100,000+ employees.
  • We assemble innovation supporters and investors to collaborate on building the best possible ecosystem in the country for their entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • We work with policy makers to enable Foreign Direct Investment and embrace an open immigration policy.
  • We stimulate investors to hold on their innovation investment until the companies are big enough to IPI, rather than selling early into other nations (asset drain prevention) 

Based former experience with startup development from 10 countries over the past 4 years, we will continue achieving 5X impact effectiveness over the 10% standard success rates in developed countries. In other words, we try to accelerate entrepreneurship in the respective nations. Given a baseline of 18 years to reach prosperity, it may take 5 times as long or 90 years. Or in real time: starting in 2020, we have a good chance the countries we engage with reach the point of a self propelled economy by 2038 – otherwise it may take until 2110.

Here at the World Innovations Forum, our mind is set towards openness, transparency, tolenance, equality, and specialization. No problem is too big, no solution too bold, and no idea too crazy. If one can think it, they can create it. We don’t need devil’s advocates and negativism. We are here to help entrepreneurs make the impossible a reality, for the benefit of their country and all of us.


  • February 2018

    Asian Roadshow

    We toured almost 2 month through Asia visiting contacts and ambassadors in Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

  • June 2018

    Amazing online event

    An overwhelming 500+ people from 40 countries participated in an amazing 3 day online event.

    June 2018

  • Fall 2018

    Developing programs and initiatives

    We grew to over 5,000 participating members. Started to run accelerator programs, ‘go global’ initiatives and seminars across many countries.

  • Q1 2019

    Founding The Foundation

    Members exceeding 10,000. Conversion: Replacing the World Innovations Forum AG (for profit company) with the newly founded World Innovations Forum Foundation in Switzerland.

    Q1 2019