The World Innovations Forum Foundation is an independent, Swiss based foundation (NGO). We stand for “Prosperity for all nations”. In the respective countries, we support local entrepreneurs building large businesses and exporting their innovative solutions into global markets, create massively new jobs and contribute to the prosperity of their nation. We collaborate with Entrepreneurs Groups, Investor Networks, Universities, Governments, Ecosystem Enablers, Corporate Supporter and other NGOs with the goal to help build self propelled economies through local entrepreneurs.

We exist because we found out that every of the today’s developed nations reached prosperity and got out of relative poverty, based on their entrepreneurial drive and the accidental circumstances in their nation at that time. We also learned that there are amazing entrepreneurs in every single society on earth. We realized, that alleviating poverty in almost any nation, requires to inspire the respective society to create an innovation and entrepreneurial focused ecosystem, creating the best entrepreneurial circumstances, and identify the entrepreneurs that are eager to build solutions for their local problems.
Hence our tagline “Prosperity for all nations
We are 100% convinced that this is possible in the next 25-30 years. And we are determined to get to the signs of prosperity within 1,000 days after we engaged in a country.

We envision a world where prosperity is possible in all nations, through innovation and entrepreneurship – created within each country.

To execute the vision given to the foundation, by getting active on the ground in developing and emerging countries, where we learn as much as possible about their society, look for local representatives of the WIForum and help build the innovation ecosystems, create the necessary circumstances and inspire entrepreneurs to reach out to the stars. We do that with three independent, yet highly interconnected initiatives:
a) Ecosystem building programs, where we share our knowledge and inspire people to collaborate in building the best possible ecosystem for innovation in their country.
b) Foreign direct investment program, where we build the foundation for foreign investors to easily invest in the respective country. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is the most important policy for prosperity.
c) Entrepreneurs development programs including workshops and accelerators helping businesses the thrive.

Our work is resulting in self propelled and independently sustainable economies. We do that by inspiring local entrepreneurs to build solutions for the key problems in the country like innovative entrepreneurs in today’s developed nations did before them.

We do the above based on our foundation capital and are seeking additional funding to do more in more countries, with more resources. We are having a WIForum Ambassador in each country, who must be born and live in the respective country. In addition we work with volunteers around the world. We provide additional resources from our HQ where we hire specialists that help educate the globally universal aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Here at the World Innovations Forum, our mind is set towards openness, transparency, tolenance, equality, and specialization. No problem is too big, no solution too bold, and no idea too crazy. If one can think it, they can create it. We don’t need devil’s advocates and negativism. We are here to help entrepreneurs make the impossible a reality, for the benefit of their country and all of us.


  • February 2018

    Asian Roadshow

    We toured almost 2 month through Asia visiting contacts and ambassadors in Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

  • June 2018

    Amazing online event

    An overwhelming 500+ people from 40 countries participated in an amazing 3 day online event.

    June 2018

  • Fall 2018

    Developing programs and initiatives

    We grew to over 5,000 participating members. Started to run accelerator programs, ‘go global’ initiatives and seminars across many countries.

  • Q1 2019

    Founding The Foundation

    Members exceeding 10,000. The World Innovations Forum is now a registered Foundation (NGO) in Switzerland.

    Q1 2019