The World Innovations Forum Foundation (WIForum) is a Swiss based non-profit organization, founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

The organization is leveraging the digital space to the max., being as global exchange for innovative minds. It is a conscious transformation from physical to digital in an expanded social online world. Members from all corners of the earth can exchange with everybody else – any time. Digital exchange, digital alliance building, online mentorship, global investments, world wide market access, is only visual surface of the structure. The set culture of the forum is its inner value. No idea is too crazy, no project too bold, no question too dumb and no dream is too far fetched. Everything is possible and even the sky is no longer the limit. That spirit is transcending globally and no longer bound to any physical location.

To visit the global space, no passport is needed, no travel required. All it takes is a membership and an internet connection.

The founders of the World Innovations Forum envisions a world in which prosperity is possible for all nations through innovation and entrepreneurship.

The World Innovations Forum Foundation was setup by the founders of Society3 an innovation focused scaleup Accelerator. Founded, 2014 in San Francisco, Society3 helped entrepreneurs to thrive. Already in 2015, Society3 was named one of the top 100 most influential accelerators in the world. By working with entrepreneurs from all over the world the idea surfaced that we, people from the developed world, should offer help to the rest of the world to stay on their own feed. As a result, the World Innovations forum was founded and took over the startup support business from Society3. Society3 is now converting to BlueCallum, building the most advanced Innovation Management Software Platform supporting “Deep Innovation Design” with its “Neeuro Ideation method at its core and Design Thinking as a widely known way to bring innovative ideas to prototyping stage.

We envision a world where prosperity is possible in all nations, through innovation and entrepreneurship – created within each country.

Here at the World Innovations Forum, our mind is set towards openness, transparency, tolenance, equality, and specialization. No problem is too big, no solution too bold, and no idea too crazy. If one can think it, they can create it. We don’t need devil’s advocates and negativism.


  • 2020

    Four major engagements

    First major Initiative: “Seeding Innovations”, prepared to expand to Africa, 2nd WIForum Digital event, initiating World Innovations Day.

  • 2019

    Groundwork & Acceleration

    Spent 15 weeks on the ground working with entrepreneurs, investors and enablers. Ran first accelerator in Vietnam.


  • Q1 2019

    Founding The Foundation

    Members exceeding 10,000. Conversion: Replacing the World Innovations Forum AG (for profit company) with the newly founded World Innovations Forum Foundation in Switzerland.

  • Fall 2018

    Developing programs and initiatives

    We grew to over 5,000 participating members. Started to run accelerator programs, ‘go global’ initiatives and seminars across many countries.

    Fall 2018

  • June 2018

    Amazing online event

    An overwhelming 500+ people from 40 countries participated in an amazing 3 day online event.

  • February 2018

    Asian Roadshow

    We toured almost 2 month through Asia visiting contacts and ambassadors in Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

    February 2018