WIForum AI Startup AcceleratorGenerative AI will be part of any solution in any industry.
If not in the product, at least in the way you get there.
And in the way you work in a next gen accelerator.


Your feedback is needed

As a non profit organization, we are supported by donors and organizations that want to know how we are doing. Rather than crafting colorful reports, we’d like to get an authentic endorsement.

Please be so kind and share your feedback about our work which is essentially the work of our team and countless volunteers. Knowing that we were helpful is the most rewarding thing our team can get.

Just complete the short form on the right hand side. A few sentences how we were able to help would be very much appreciated. And maybe a word about what we did and if it helped you get further.

We will use it mainly in our reports to our donors, and maybe helping others to better understand what we actually do.

Write an endorsement

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