Membership Circles

WIForum Member Circles Overview

    Innovation Leadership Circle

    WHO: C-Level executives, Board Members
    WHAT: Purpose of innovation, typical timelines, investments, organization structure, innovation strategies…
    WHEN: Once a quarter

      Innovation Development

      WHO: Innovation Teams
      WHAT: Innovation methods, tools, technology, innovation strategy, innovation mandate, team requirements…
      WHEN: Once a quarter

        Innovation Financing

        WHO: CFO, Corp. Controller, Innovation Budget Managers
        WHAT: Innovation financing techniques, innovation objectives, risk analysis, success predictability, KPI framework…
        WHEN: Twice a year

          Innovation Talent Development

          WHO: Hiring Managers, HT/HR Department, Team Managers, Trainers
          WHAT: Team Qualification, team recruiting / sourcing, team selection, team composition, compensation, onboarding, team objectives…
          WHEN: Twice a year

            Innovation Legal Aspects

            WHO: Legal department, lawyers
            WHAT: IP considerations, patentability, timelines, open innovation rules…
            WHEN: Once a year

              Innovation Services

              WHO: Consultants, Service Providers, Technology Provider
              WHAT: Consulting services needs, provider needs, qualifications…
              WHEN: Once a year

                Innovation Education

                WHO: Trainers, Training Institutes, Business Schools, Universities
                WHAT: Training needs, Training content, Educational Depth, Training Programs…
                WHEN: Once a year

                  Innovation Policies

                  WHO: Policy Makers, Consultants, Executives
                  WHAT: Innovation related risk exploration i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Pharma, Neuroscience, Genetic Computing, Bio Hazards, Environmental aspects,
                  WHEN: Once a year

                    Artificial Intelligence

                    WHO: Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts, Innovation Teams, Technology Providers
                    WHAT: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Robotics, Language Processing, Computer Vision, IOT
                    WHEN: Once a quarter

                    WIForum Member Circles Event Structure

                    • Circle Specific Events

                      Circle Specific Round Table Events (two to four online events per year)

                    • Alexandria Forum

                      The BI-annual event where Members present thoughts, concepts, problems to solve, or other interesting situations and possibly look for partners.

                    • Global Annual Event

                      Once a year we will conduct a member event where all members can meet each other in person.

                    • Local Events

                      Member-driven local events or local chapter events

                    What people who have worked with us have to say

                    Ich finde es unendlich wichtig einen Austauch über industriezweige hinweg zu bekommen.

                    I already participated in the very first events and it is eye-opening to understand where everybody is in their innovation development cycle.

                    I found it very helpful to have that massive experience from the WIForum founders part of thise organization.

                    Thank you WIForum great start