Ecosystem Meeting

Purpose & Agenda

We are inviting Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholder, such as Coworking Spaces, Incubator, Accelerator, Mentor, Academia, Investor, Technology and Service Provider, to share how we can best collaborate and how we maybe able to help. We will share what we have in mind for the country and what we already did.

– Short Introduction
– How Silicon Valley, was built and why it became so culturally strong
– What the next generation innovation ecosystem could look like
– Dealing with redundant services, quality, leadership and other challenges

As an organization, we are envisioning prosperity for all nations, based on innovation and entrepreneurship. Being successful entrepreneurs ourselves, we know we made an important contribution to our respective economy. We know, that jobs can’t be just created. Jobs get only created if companies have a demand based on their success and growth. We believe it is the most effective way to alleviate poverty, when a nation creates a self propelled economy.


Ecosystem meeting (free)

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