Investor Meeting

This is for Private Equity, Angel Investors and VCs only

Purpose & Agenda

We are inviting Angel and PE Investors to share what we are doing in Vietnam and other fast emerging countries. Together with foreign investors we want to help local startups to thrive and help build a prosper economy. At the same time we hope that local investors participate in the possible growth.

– Short Introduction
– Our investment program for 2020 – 2030
– Innovation investment strategies
– Entrepreneurship growth programs
– Investment opportunities and risks
– Investment life cycle
– Co-investing with others

As an organization, we are envisioning prosperity for all nations, based on innovation and entrepreneurship. Being successful entrepreneurs ourselves, we know we made an important contribution to our respective economy. We know, that jobs can’t be just created. Jobs get only created if companies have a demand based on their success and growth. We believe it is the most effective way to alleviate poverty, when a nation creates a self propelled economy.


Investor meeting (free)

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