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Artificial Intelligence Research

Artificial Intelligence
in Americas, APAC, EMEA

Providing a state of the union report on AI development in the various Asian, Americas and European, Middle East and African countries, exposing businesses using Artificial Intelligence, companies incl. startups building solutions, Universities teaching AI and AI experts in the respective countries. The result would be published in three different reports, one for each region.

Preliminary Content Structure:

  • Prolog
  • Executive summary
  • How companies are using AI in production, what they do with it, how they see the value and what are they expecting to come in the future

Approximately a quarter page per company, ideally completed and written up by the company.

  • What Startups or maturing AI companies are developing right now and where they believe they are going to take it.
    Approximately a quarter page per company, ideally completed and written up by the company.
  • Which Universities are offering AI classes and what they actually focus on.
  • List of experts per country with some short description, LinkedIn profile and picture.
  • Conclusion and participation in the next research
  • List of all project leads, volunteers, contributors and supporters
  • Glossary & Addendum

The result will be made globally available and actively promoted in the 27 countries where the WIForum is represented.

How Can You Help?

We are asking you to consider supporting this project by pointing us to

  • Businesses and organizations already using AI
  • Companies and startups working on AI based solutions
  • Notable AI scholars / experts / knowhow carrier
  • AI focused associations and workgroups, NGOs, Media

Just send us an email to research at wiforum org
Or use the research form

Feel free to also share your opinion, concerns, and hopes for this topic. Let us know if we should not use your opinion in the report.

The research results should be available in Spring 2019 and will be distributed globally and actively promoted in the 27 countries we are represented in. The report will be somewhere between 400 and 600 pages. Contributors to the content will receive the report for free. Later on, we will charge approximately €300 per copy to cover our cost and support further research.


The World Innovations Forum, based in Lucerne Switzerland, had an amazing start in 2018 and built representation in 27 countries. Our 2019 core topic gravitates around Artificial Intelligence. A first project is to compile a comprehensive research and overview of the status quo of Artificial Intelligence in your country.

We very much like to thank you in advance