Typically, Angel investors or Venture Capital firms.

What we are looking for

We are looking for investors (experienced or not yet) with a deep interest in getting their innovative businesses funded and help them grow all the way to the top. We are not interested in investors who want to sell the shares they own by the next possible opportunity with a marginal return.

How we work

We provide investor workshops, connect local with international investors, invite our investor partners to all entrepreneurs and pitch events and make the necessary introductions. We organize co-investments, where international investors may want to co-invest with local investors. The local investor will always be considered the lead investor. To ensure smooth investment processes we conduct specific lead investor trainings. Creating an open and engaging investment culture is one of the activities we see as an important part of our engagement.

What we consider success

The ultimate and only goal we have is to see the nation we work with turning into a recognized developed country. Success, working with investors is that investees get the necessary funding to stay in the country and get all the way to the top, meaning possible an IPO or a merger with another local enterprise.


Please register here to join us as a free member of the World Innovations Forum and with the account that is created, register as an “Investor” so we can connect you with the best person in our organization and have a personal conversation.



Successful investors share their experiences, helping others to be successful too.
* How to create a startup investment strategy
* How to get to the most potential winners
* How to evaluate and select investments
* How to find co-investors
* How to do the due diligence
* How to support the investees under way
* How many, how much, how long, how exit