Innovation Capital Network Application

This is for Private Equity, Angel Investors and VCs only


We organize investor meetings and workshops to stimulate a deeper exchange between investors with matching investment strategies to co-invest on a common understanding locally and globally. We collaborate to create globally applicable standard contracts and documents, educating on tax and legal differences between countries. Make it much easier to co-invest around the world

As far as we can see, we need a small group of investors who are interested in this topic and build a leadership team.
1) Helping organize global online meetings, so that investors get a broad perspective of the global investment scene.
2) Organizing and moderating investor meet-ups locally, stimulating a deeper exchange among investors.
3) Aggregating needs, challenges, ideas, suggestions, success stories from all investor members from the World Innovations Ecosystem to redistribute the findings to all members.
4) Organizing webinars with investors who have a very high success rate and share their insights.
5) Creating additional programs and ideas that work towards the initiative objectives.


Innovation Capital Network