Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society

Helping young entrepreneurs to build our economic future – because they will.
Inspiring investors guid highly promising teams to IPO.
Advising governments to collaborate on technological development.


  • Entrepreneurship Academy
  • Fundraising Workshops
  • Accelerator Program
  • Explorer Program
  • Going Global Program


  • Talent Attraction Program
  • Corp. Innovations Workshop
  • Corp. Innovations Accelerator


  • Innovation Capital Network
  • Workshops
  • Support Documentation


  • One Space – One World
  • Global Explorer Program
  • Mentorship Workshop


  • Global AI Security Carta
  • Government Council Program
  • Self Propelled Economy

The World Innovations Forum Programs are evolving as our world is evolving. The involvement in the Forum is done through programs. The “Future of work” program for instance is to explore the influence of AI, Robotics and Smart Material on our work world. The accelerator program is more like a training program for entrepreneurs to prepare for conquering global markets.