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Make the universe a better place

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The universe is our future. Humans are nature’s best bet to bring intelligent biologic life across the universe. Five mass extinctions passed, and everything had to start from scratch.

Our local galaxy, Milky Way, and its  100 – 400 billion stars is a fantastic neighborhood. Moreover, with possibly a trillion planets, we may have millions of exoplanets that could be inhabitable. Now, Milky Way is roughly 100,000 light years in diameter. Even at Light speed, we would need 100,000 years to cross it. But that is the part a little further out in our future.

Proxima Centauri, in the Centaurus Constellation, on the other hand, is the closest star system to us and about 4 Lightyears away. We could be there at 20% of Light Speed in about 20 years. We would try to land on Proxima Centauri B, a planet gravitating around the Proxima Centaury star (their sun). We install robots and, most importantly, a quantum computer to send signals via quantum communication using quantum entanglement to Earth. And those signals are here almost instantly because it is unclear how little the delay is if anything.

Some experts think it would take a million to ten million people to start a meaningful colony on another planet and create a sustainable humane ecosystem. To populate even a tiny fraction of the Milky Way would take our entire human population in a heartbeat. Those still talking about overpopulation will soon learn how underpopulated we are for more significant projects.

Why are people so interested in outer space when we have so many unsolved problems on Earth? Because the single biggest problem on earth is that our planet as we know it will be destroyed one day with 100% certainty. This number is a mathematical result of probability, not just guesswork. And that risk doesn’t include psychopathic people taking the risk to wipe out life on Earth. We are talking about giant asteroids, mega eruptions in Yellow Stone Park, giant eruptions of virtually any Volcano, a catastrophic epidemic, a Gama ray burst near our galaxy, etc. Migrating to other planets is why nature lets our brain grow and our imagination flow to let life survive beyond the existence of our planet.

Let a few of us focus on the most significant problem because that takes the longest time and is the most significant effort to solve.

Make the universe a better place

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