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BlueCallom Innovation Night - Live Event

Innovation Night, Upcoming Spring 2024

Together with our main sponsor, BlueCallom, we are organizing a unique networking event in the center of the most innovative country in the world: Switzerland. You won’t find so many innovative minds from almost every industry segment anywhere else.

BlueCallom Innovation Night


WHO: Innovation Professionals – executives, managers, innovation teams, consultants, educators and other supporters of the innovation space.

WHERE: CH 8008 Zürich

WHEN: TBD Spring 2024

What to expect at the
Innovation Night

The Innovation Night is a casual networking event
Short introduction by the host, BlueCallom and its team
Apéro rich, snacks and drinks

Networking, exchange, get to know your peers
Guests from Switzerland, Germany, Austria and maybe a few other countries

Unique Networking

The Innovation Night is to help network in this new innovation industry. If you are interested in meeting others through an introduction by us instead of just trying to open a conversation, let us know. Please check the box if you are ok to share your name with other attendees. We are more than happy to make introductions at the event for you. Those open to network will be listed on the attendee list for others to make a connection.


Wherever you come from, catch the tram #4 towards Bellevue / Tiefenbrunnen
By plane, catch a train to Zürich main station. From there catch the tram #4
By train, get off Zürich main station. From there catch the tram #4
Within Zürich, catch the tram #4
Get off the tram #4 at Kreuzstrasse, we are right there, at Kreuzstrasse 26
By car, there is a parking garage in Färberstrasse 6 right around the corner

About BlueCallom

Our mission is to empower the word’s visionaries to deliver breakthrough innovation within 6 months and bring it successfully to their designated markets. We do that with a neuroscience influenced innovation framework, and an AI software. We focus exclusively on helping develop breakthrough innovations.

Join our WIForum-BlueCallom Innovation Night – live, in person

Meet innovation executives, managers, innovation teams, consultants, educators, and other supporters of the innovation space. While this is an open invitation, we are limited by space and logistics. Please register early.

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Innovation Night – live event