WIForum AI Startup AcceleratorGenerative AI will be part of any solution in any industry.
If not in the product, at least in the way you get there.
And in the way you work in a next gen accelerator.

Entrepreneurs Resources

Mentors & Alliances


Mentors are of strategic importance to any level entrepreneur. We are constantly looking at innovation and startup mentors in all countries. We are explicitly looking for successful entrepreneurs who are willing to give back and help now young entrepreneurs to become successful too. Occasionally we are also adding non entrepreneurial subject matter experts with deep expertise in specific fields to our mentor network.

Investor Networks

Investor networks have two specific benefits from the WIForum: Deal Flow and an opportunity for international co-investing or cross investing. We preferably work with angel networks who intensely collaborate and continuously try to improve their investment practice.

Startup Associations

Startup Associations across the world find a unique platform to exchange ideas and jointly work on improving startup success rates in their country.

United Nations Goals

There is quite an overlap between the activities we are conducting and the goal of the United Nations. You will see it on our United Nations – World Innovations Forum goals mapping page 

Audio, Video & Downloads

Starting in 2019 we will be working on a variety of info material that will be accessible here. We’d like to encourage ALL members to share valuable content that can be distributed here on a global scale (English only please).

Audio & VIDEOS

Podcasts and Video clips, today are the preferred way of knowledge sharing. 3-5 minute “how to”, “story sharing”, “interviews” and more – and yes, fun stuff too :)


Whether you have an exciting book, white paper, report or whatever,let us review it and we will share it.

The World Innovations Forum will get you quite some exposure that may grow your reputation.

Right now we cannot handle paid content but we are happy to have the community review it and share sources where it can be acquired.