Demo Day – WIForum Accelerator Flight 8

April 8, 2020 – a digital event

Demo Day 8

Disruptive growth stage startups, graduate from the WIForum Accelerator Flight 8 (8th batch). At Demo Day, the teams get introduced to accredited investors and members of business angel groups. The companies are in fundraising mode and successfully completed the innovation accelerator program.

We allow guests to join and learn. Guests however are not eligible to invest in accordance to the respective investor protection rules of the various countries.

We neither make any investment suggestions nor do we at as a broker between investors and investees. Investors will contact any of the companies of interest directly with no particular introduction. To connect with the companies investors get access to the Demo Day 8 Forum on the World Innovations Forum Community and simply connect.


This event is primarily for Accredited Investors. In addition we allow guests who are interested in learning more about innovation and entrepreneurship to join the event. Guest however are not eligible to invest.

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The WIForum Accelerator came out of the Society3 Accelerator that started 2014 in San Francisco after their founders have been successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Already in2015 the S3 Accelerator has been named one of the top 100 most influential accelerators in the world. The average success rate of 50%, measured by teams getting funded from independent investors after graduation, was and is still today one of the highest in the world. After the Accelerator founders setup the World Innovations Forum Foundation, the accelerator was transitioned to WIForum.


The World Innovations Forum Foundation (WIForum) is a Swiss based non-profit organization, founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The founders of the World Innovations Forum envision a world in which prosperity is possible for all nations through innovation and entrepreneurship. The goal is to help build self-propelled economies through local entrepreneurs.


The teams that are presenting have graduated from the accelerator program and are now offering investment opportunities. They have a robust business model, a clear go-to-market strategy and the willpower to grow. The founders are motivated to build strong companies, produce innovative products, create significant amount of jobs and see an opportunity for notable contribution to the GDP of their country.

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