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If not in the product, at least in the way you get there.
And in the way you work in a next gen accelerator.

Country Exchange Program

Co-Working Space

You will be having a space in a local co-working space. This is the best way to instantly meet other entrepreneurs. We are more than happy to make introductions.

Where do you want to go?

Albania, Australia, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, US or Vietnam?


There are many startup events, wherever we are. We are happy to help you and making suggestions.

Main Services

Local Co-working Spaces
Mentor support
Customer Hunting
Legal and Ops Consulting
Local Investor Network

What you can do

  • Culture & Society

    We help you get familiar with the local business culture and society. How business is conducted and what to avoid.

  • Meeting relevant people

    We help you arrange meetings with local entrepreneurs, potential local customers, the local embassy and if of interest local lawyers and tax advisers.

  • Events

    We make some suggestions to meet people at local events and meetups.

  • Talents

    If you are interested in meeting local talents who you may want to work with down the road, we can arrange some interviews.