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Purpose & Impact

We envision a world where prosperity is possible for all nations, through innovation and entrepreneurship.


Why we exist

Re-thinking development aid

Approximately $4.7 Trillion have been invested in development aid in the past history. OECD postulated that meeting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) will cost approx. $3-4 Trillion per year. We were wondering if the attempt to help 3.5 Billion people and counting to survive, is the best possible way to eradicate all levels of poverty, create prosperity, equality and dignity. Rather than randomly re-distributing wealth, we bagan to researching how the developed nations got to their leading economic state. The results inspired us to entirely rethink development aid. Understanding what a small number of highly engaged entrepreneurs can do to a nation, made us develop an all new model.

Inspiring self propelled economies

We exist to help developing and emerging nations thrive by inspiring their local entrepreneurs do, what the entrepreneurs in developed countries did when they emerged: Creating self propelled economies. They solved the problems and fulfilled the needs seen from within rather than be told what to do from the outside. In the generations to come, we also see a need to help developed countries to find new ways to reinvent themselves and stay relevant – instead decaying, like all leading nations before them and ceasing to contribute to the global economy.


Germany 1800’s
A small number of entrepreneurs like Carl Benz, Robert Bosch, Max Plank und one or two handful of others created initially small but innovative companies that should turn the nation in a few decades to one of the most prosperous in the world. 150 years later, the 85 Million population nation still lives off of the innovation from back then.

California 1950’s
A small number of innovative companies including Fairchild,  Intel, Hewlett Packard, Apple and later on many others created products, that in just two or three decades revolutionized the world’s way to work with information. Silicon Valley became the epicenter of IT innovation.

South Korea 2000’s 
Only three young SMEs: Samsung, LG and Hyundai were necessary to turn one of the poorest countries on earth into one of the most developed nations just 2 decades later.


We see our purpose to be inspiring local entrepreneurs finding out what they want to do, realize that they can do it if they want to and helping them to do it.


It is not our purpose to show other nations what they should do. It is not our purpose to tell them what the developed world has and build the same to catch up. It is not our purpose to follow the beaten path of development aid and do what all others do – just more.


It is our purpose to stimulate the entrepreneurial minds in all nations to see the problems that need to be solved and be bold and brave enough to conquer the impossible. It is our purpose to inspire entrepreneurs to think big, be bold and make the impossible a reality. We do not want to change a culture but help develop a entrepreneurial sub culture with no boundaries – where even the sky does not pose a limit.


It is our main purpose to identify brilliant entrepreneurs, collaborate with all innovation ecosystem stakeholder and jointly create an environment where innovation can be unfolded, intellectual spirits unleashed and economic development is not limited. While guiding locals is today considered a bad idea because it did not work in the past, we see the problem not in “over guiding” but guiding the wrong people – including everybody (inclusion). The developed world, in particular Silicon Valley, provides an enormous amount of guidance to their entrepreneurs. And most of the entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are foreigners. Why should we NOT offer every conceivable education and support to the entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries? We decided we do provide as much education and guidance as we humanly can.


The expected outcome

Inspiration from within

Our anticipated impact is a similar economic evolution as the industrialized developed countries went through. Inspiring young entrepreneurs to see the problems that exist in their respective nation and create solutions they think, are most relevant. Instead of people from developed countries seeing the lack of a well a key problem and building wells we stimulate local entrepreneurs seeing and hearing about the problems most people have and creating solutions from within the country. In order to stimulate creativity – we will take those entrepreneurs around the world to see things that entrepreneurs in the “old world” saw or heard about when travelers returned and wrote their books.

Building, growing and competing on a global scale

The best practices of building a business, growing a business and competing on a global scale are rather universal today. Everybody pretty much knows what everybody else is doing, as long as you have access to the Internet. And competing with the rest of the world is what every newcomer to this global economy will need to learn. In Silicon Valley, no entrepreneur is left alone or asked to come up with new ideas on their own. This culture worked better than any other on this planet. And so we decided to not reinvent everything but follow that spirit. Should somebody has a better more successful and more sustainable way – we are the first to explore it.

Building multi trillion economies

The final impact of the above engagement shall be a prosperity development that is similar to today’s developed world. It will take 10 to 20 or more years. Emerging and developing nations catching up with today’s developed world will eventually mean a 7+ billion people global economy.  Emerging and developing countries will also learn about the limits of today’s leading countries such as hypre complexity, protectionism, industrial mono culture, monopoly, one sided education and much more.

The ultimate impact

The developed world will learn more about their mistakes from developing countries than ever before. In the generations to come, the World Innovations Forum will also engage in helping the developed world to not completely collapse like all leading nations in the past 5,000 years. Prosperity for all nations is meant literally and includes the developed nations nearing the end of their life cycle too.

50 successful innovative SMEs is all it takes to start creating prosperity for a whole nation – any nation.

Maximizing Prosperity

The developed world will learn more about their industrial and economic evolution from developing countries than ever before. In the generations to come, the World Innovations Forum will also engage in helping the developed world to not completely collapse like all leading nations in the past 5,000 years. Prosperity for all nations is meant literally and includes the developed nations nearing the end of their life cycle too. There is no reason to let nations thrive and equally no reasons to let thriving nations go down.

The prosperity maximum of any given nation can only be reached when all nations reached their own prosperity maximum.


Entrepreneurs and ones that want to become one
Local & Foreign Investors, funding business growth
Mentors, helping young entrepreneurs sharpen their view
Enablers, Incubators, accelerators, Co-working spaces …
Academia, providing highly capable talents
Governments, Creating the innovation seeding ground


Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda

Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Eastern Europe:
Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia

Lat. America:
Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Peru


General tech related industries
Fintech, MedTech, ICT, Mobility
Tech enabled agriculture and food
Distribution & Trade