World Innovations Forum consists of Entrepreneurs, Investors and Enablers from currently 27 countries. The purpose of the group is to build a Silicon Valley Style culture and mindset, bringing entrepreneurs to top level performance, ready to successfully compete on global markets, no matter where they come from. The work is set to result in self propelled economies, so that every country becomes independent, self sufficient and on eye sight with other nations.

The founders have no commercial interest in the engagement and are in the process of creating a foundation for the World Innovations Forum.

We are at a mission to ignite entrepreneurship by helping organize the best possible infrastructure through enablers, work with governments to improve the base needs for innovation and with investors to develop better investment opportunities. At the same time helping entrepreneurs grow substantial, Silicon Valley style companies, receiving the necessary capital, go international, and double today’s startup success rate.

We see a world, where prosperity is possible in all nations by accelerating entrepreneurship and innovation, leading to autonomous self propelled economies from within the respective nation.

Here at the World Innovations Forum, no problem is too big, no solution too bold, and no idea too crazy. If one can think it, they can create it. We are here to help entrepreneurs make the impossible a reality, for the benefit of all of us.


  • 2016

    The idea

    End of 2016 we had an idea. We maybe able to create the so much wanted open minded culture to startups around the world

  • 2017

    Program Development

    We thought we start with a introductory event in Lucern Switzerland.


  • Fall 2017

    Redoing the concept

    We realized that we won’t be able to bring attendees from all over the world to Switzerland. It would be too expensive for many.

  • Winter 2017/18

    Shift to Online

    We decided to organize the event online

    Winter 2017/18

  • June 2018

    Successful online event

    By now we had partners in over 20 countries.

  • Fall 2018

    Focus on helping entrepreneurs

    Now we run accelerator programs, ‘go global’ initiatives and seminars across the countries

    Fall 2018

  • Winter 2018/19

    Founding The Foundation

    We are now founding and registering the World Innovations Forum Foundation (NGO)