Obsessed Entrepreneurs

We are supporting entrepreneurs with bold ideas, obsessed about advancing their target markets and the hunger to grow as big as possible with no fear of any competition. The innovation they are working on are no incremental improvements but radically rethinking an entire industry.

Mindful Investors

We are looking for investors, interested to bring their portfolio companies all the way to an IPO or equivalent economic success. Those investors are ready to hold their investment for 5 to 10 year, know that they need to mentor their startups and commit the investment not only to a team but also to the prosperity development of their country.

Self propelled Economies

Billions have been spent in development aid with mostly only little relieve and creating dangerous dependencies. We believe that entrepreneurship and innovation from within the country will lead over time to self propelled economies. This is why we are helping startups in virtually any country to build successful businesses that can compete in global markets from their country of origin.


Billions are spent in innovation development programs every year. Nearly nothing is done to ensure that those primary technology investments are actually economically successful.

The purpose of the World Innovations Forum is

  • Turning great ideas into economic success
  • Helping young entrepreneurs reach global markets
  • Helping startup investors generating the necessary ROI
  • Embracing the equal prosperity based on local entrepreneurship
  • Creating self propelled, innovation based economies


Some not so obvious reasons why we believe we are where we are:

  • Success is a mindset – not a skill and not based on experience
  • Creating massively bold ideas is based on a mindset
  • Making the impossible a reality is a mindset
  • Building, selling and supporting an amazing solutions for many other people is a mindset
  • A mindset is attracting corresponding talents, customers, or investors
  • Mindset is no esoteric model but a concrete brain output
  • Mindset is no magic – every human being can develop their mindset


World Innovations Forum consists of Entrepreneurs, Investors and Enablers from currently 27 countries. The group is creating a digital collaboration layer around the globe providing a constant exchange and several support services, including an online community, business acceleration, a blockchain based trading platform, and local and global events. Collaboration is based on an open mindset, supporting bold ideas and believing in the collective intellect, making the impossible a reality. The World Innovations’s main purpose is creating self propelled prosperity in all nations.

We envision a world where prosperity is possible in all nations by building self propelled economies through entrepreneurship and innovation, created from within the respective country or society.

Here at the World Innovations Forum, no problem is too big, no solution too bold, and no idea too crazy. If we can think it, we can create it. We are here to help entrepreneurs make the impossible a reality, for the benefit of their respective society.

  • Unlocking Your Mind

    Success is a mindset, making the impossible a reality is a mindset, get permanent guidance to do the right thing comes from your mindset

  • Programs

    * Young Entrepreneurs Guidance
    * Global entrepreneurship community
    * Online/on-premise education
    * Accelerator programs
    * Local and global events
    * Global Entrepreneurs Circle
    * Global Investor Circles
    * Global enabler Circle

  • Resources

    Finding advice, mentorship, connections, networking, training, documents…