Obsessed Entrepreneurs

We are assisting entrepreneurs with bold ideas and disruptive businesses, obsessed to bring their business all the way to the top. Through our worldwide network we help them to get global as fast as possible without needing to move out of the country. We help understand that every $ made in the rest of the world is increasing prosperity within their country.

Visionary Governments

Billions have been spent in development aid with little to no impact. Short term investments only created dependencies. Emerging country governments need to not only look for money and short term aid – but sustainable support. We are working with governments to create self propelled economies through innovation and entrepreneurship from within.

Mindful Investors

Our investor members are typically interested to bring their portfolio companies all the way to the top, either to an IPO or similar liquidity event for their exit. Those investors are ready to hold their investment for 5 to 10 year, know that they need to mentor their startups and commit the investment not only to a team but also to the prosperity development of their country. Investors looking for a short term gain and a trade sale would not match the ideals of the World Innovations Forum.


Countries around the world are eager to grow their level of innovation. Billions are spent in innovation development programs and in the act of creation, every year. Nearly nothing is done to ensure that those primary technology investments are actually economically successful.

The purpose of the World Innovations Forum is

  • Assisting entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into economic success
  • Assisting government leaders create end to end programs for successful innovation
  • Assisting investors generating attractive long term returns
  • Assisting enablers in providing the best possible support
  • Creating self propelled, innovation based economies

The World Innovations Forum is a philanthropic initiative of our founders and currently in the process of becoming a foundation (non profit organization).

What we can do

We work with entrepreneurs, government officials, and investors to help bring the rapidly growing technology development in alignment with their goals and actions.

  • Developing technology by top engineers has never been a real problem. Bringing those creations successfully to global markets always was the biggest challenge.
  • Investors around the world invested in Silicon Valley VCs and sponsored the development there and not in their own countries. We work on various ways to make good investment decisions.
  • Technology has been evolving always faster than the preparation of governments that need to responsibly prepare policies.

We organize workshops, mentorship, consulting, connect experts or innovation stakeholder and bring continuously a global aspect to the work.


The World Innovations Forum consists of Entrepreneurs, Investors and Enablers from currently 27 countries. The group is creating a digital collaboration layer around the globe, providing a constant exchange and several support services, including an online community, business acceleration, and local and global events. Collaboration is based on an open mindset, supporting bold ideas and believing in the collective intellect, making the impossible a reality. The World Innovations Forum’s main purpose is on creating self propelled prosperity in all nations.

We envision a world where prosperity is possible in all nations by building self propelled economies through entrepreneurship and innovation, created from within the respective country or society.

Here at the World Innovations Forum, no problem is too big, no solution too bold, and no idea too crazy. If we can think it, we can create it. We are here to help entrepreneurs make the impossible a reality, for the benefit of their respective society.